YWCA Central Carolinas Stays Cool in the Indoor Pool [Partner]


Summer is a time for nostalgia and memory, a time for celebrating the nation’s independence, for grilling out and for throwing on a swimsuit and hitting the pool. In winter, folks flock to indoor pools for good reason, since outdoor pools tend to close when the temperature drops. But YWCA Central Carolinas is here to remind us all not to forget the benefits of visiting indoor pools. Here are five ways that the indoor pool at YWCA Central Carolinas should attract your attention this summer. 

  • Weather: Mother Nature is unpredictable, and there’s nothing worse than planning a fun outing to the pool only to get rained out. With indoor pools, you don’t need to worry about incoming downpours or an overbearing sun.
  • Cleanliness: “Indoor pools are not exposed to the outside dust and debris that is normally blown into an outdoor pool by the wind,” said YWCA Central Carolinas’ Aquatics Manager Jeff Nerret. With the pool located indoors, the environment can be kept under stricter control.
  • Early Openings: Outdoor pools have to wait on daylight, but indoor pools have no such restrictions. The indoor pool at YWCA Central Carolinas opens at 5:45 in the morning, allowing folks time to get that morning swim in before work.
  • Heated Water: Even in summer, pool water can get quite cold. Add to that a cloudy day, or a swim outing scheduled for a day after a rainstorm, and you can be in for quite a shivering situation. Indoor pools like the one at YWCA Central Carolinas keep their water heated with special heating equipment, ensuring that swimmers can exercise or play in comfort.




The indoor pool at YWCA Central Carolinas offers all of these benefits and more. A peaceful haven, the pool offers both private and semi-private swim lessons as well as group exercise classes and lap lanes for swimmers. Plus, supporting YWCA Central Carolinas helps contribute to important social programs like racial justice, transitional housing and youth programs.

Check out YWCA Central Carolinas by visiting its official website to learn more about the numerous programs the association has to offer. 


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