10 months from now, you could have your MBA. Here’s how.


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Earning an MBA is a great way to increase your options in the job market and improve your prospects for the future. Until recently, many working individuals may have felt uneasy about attempting to earn a degree while remaining in the workforce. But Gardner-Webb University has addressed that with its new, fast-paced 10-month MBA program specifically designed for the modern professional.

Satisfy the entry criteria.

The first step toward getting your MBA in the next 10 months is to apply to Gardner-Webb University’s new program. Applicants should present a resume detailing their professional experience, as well as previous academic transcripts and recommendation letters from trusted colleagues or professors.

Your GPA must be at least a 3.0 with no work experience, a 2.5 with at least three years of work experience or below 2.5 with a Quantitative Acceptance formula score of at least 950. For more information on qualifying standards, click here.

Complete your courses online.

The new MBA program at Gardner-Webb features totally online courses that fit into the lifestyle of active professionals. All of the information available in a traditional MBA program is provided to students in a condensed, fast-paced format. When you enter the program, you take two courses every eight weeks, receiving lectures and interacting with other students over the internet from the comfort of your own home.

Use your new skills to advance your life.

So what can you do with an MBA? The options are plentiful. Previous graduates of Gardner-Webb’s traditional MBA program have gone on to become chief executive officers, chief financial officers, human resources directors, small business owners and more. This degree can prepare you for a bright future in either public-sector or private-sector work, opening up doors you never imagined.

Even better: the new 10-month MBA program is affordably priced at under $20,000, so you can improve your prospects without breaking the bank.

Want to learn more about the 10-month MBA program and other educational options at Gardner-Webb University? Click here for more information.


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