Your guide to this weekend’s Yiasou Greek Festival—from wine tastings to baklava sundaes


It’s time for one of Charlotte’s favorite events, the 41st annual Yiasou Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral from Sept. 6-9.

This week, festival chair John Tsumas joins Sallie and Alicia to fill them in on all the event’s best-kept secrets including how to pronounce “Gyro” correctly, how to beat the crowds and the traffic, the drive-thu option (!)  and how to find the indoor dining area with the alternative menu.

What does ‘yiasou’ mean?

“Yiasou is just like a warm greeting. A hello. If I was going to a friend’s, I would just say yiasou in place of hello…you can also use it as a goodbye. It’s interchangeable.”

What can we expect from the 41st annual Yiasou Greek Festival?

“We don’t have a lot of new stuff this year. We added a variety of things over the last few years. This year is kind of a turnkey to what we did last year. Last year was our biggest and most successful festival ever.”

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How many people did you have?

“So we have to do rough estimates because we give away a lot of free tickets that we don’t track, but our best guess-estimate is about 40,000 people.”

For someone that has never been before, can you give us some insider tips?

“It depends on how you’re wanting to experience it. If you’re in the younger crowd, maybe, and you’re wanting to be there when the crowd is there, and have something to drink, have some good food, it’s packed from Friday about 5 o’clock to when we close at 10 p.m. All day Saturday it’s packed. All day Sunday it’s packed. So I tell people that are wanting to avoid the crowds that Thursday is your day to go or anytime on Friday before 5 o’clock.”

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