Yard Art Day: Transform a bench or play the ukulele on your lawn or something


Labor Day might well be the artsiest day in Charlotte. This is the fourth year for Yard Art Day, the grassroots, open-ended, open-air art installation that founder Deborah Triplett envisioned as an exhibition “curated by the public, for the public.”

Participants all over Charlotte and beyond — Yard Art Day is spreading across the country — are already hard at work on the creations that will be on view in their front yards Monday, Sept.7.

How you can get involved:

Go on a Yard Art Tour

The essential tool for getting the most out of Yard Art Day is the Yard Art Day map.

This is just a screenshot, so don't try to click in it. Follow the link above for the map.
This is just a screenshot, so don’t try to click in it. Follow the link above for the map.

The address of every participant is on the interactive map. The highest concentration of participants will be in close-in neighborhoods like Plaza Midwood and NoDa, but you’ll also find installations in outposts like Highland Creek, Waxhaw and Mooresville.

Look for the Yard Art Day signs. All art will be visible from the street.

yard art day 2012

Create something

It’s not too late to create some art. If that scares you, it shouldn’t.

You don’t have to possess art skills to participate. Basic is just fine. In past years the installations have included colorful floppy disks (remember them?) hanging from a street sign, and a couple of easels set up with paint and brushes so that passersby could express themselves.

Performance art is permissible too. Play your ukulele or belly dance, or do both.

You don’t even need a yard. Display your art from a balcony, or in a window — anywhere that can be seen from the street.

YAD windmill thing

The only rules are:

– You (or your kids) have to create it yourself. If you own a business, you and your staff can create the artwork, or you can hire a local artist.

– Register and get on the map by filling out this form. If your art is of the performance variety, include your performance times.

– Pick up your Yard Art Day sign. Information on pick-up locations will be on the Yard Art Day website.

– The artwork must be visible from the street. The event takes place all day from 12 a.m. Monday to 12 a.m. Tuesday. You don’t have to have it up for 24 hours, but at least make it available during daylight hours.

YAD sign

Learn more

Visit the Yard Art Day website or Facebook page. For even more online involvement and inspiration, join the Yard Art Day Facebook group, which is over 1,800 strong.

YAD bench JLM

Photos courtesy of Yard Art Day and Jody Mace.

head shotJody Mace is a freelance writer who also publishes the local website Charlotte on the Cheap. Follow Charlotte on the Cheap at @cltcheap and everything else she does at @jody_mace.



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