Worth a Taste: We tried $4, $16 and $21 pizzas to see which was the best value


Katie Toussaint and Sallie Funderburk set off on a pizza tasting adventure for CharlotteFive’s new video series, Worth a Taste.

They tried slices at three different price points — less than $10, $10 to $20, and more than $20. After enjoying some delicious pizza from three great restaurants, they let you know which one they feel has the most value at its given price.

The contenders

Benny Pennello’s at $4 a slice, Inizio Pizza Napoletana at $16 a pie, and Bisonte Pizza Co. at $20.99 a pie.

What type of food should be featured next on “Worth a Taste”? Comment and let us know what you’d like to see.


  1. If you were to really compare pizza flavors and cost, you can’t have a person who admits she’s not much for pizza, do the tasting. In addition, how can you compare price when one is a per piece and the others are pie. Lastly, you have to compare pizzas with the same toppings, etc. You can’t compare a cheese pizza to one with 7 toppings. Doesn’t make sense at all. Lousy comparison.

  2. Pho! I’m new to the area and I really want to know where the best pho is. I have a hard time believing it is the chains that pop-up when I google local Vietnamese restaurants, specifically in search of pho.


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