And the name of Legion Brewing’s new Sour Patch Kids beer will be …


First, we asked you to submit which candy you’d want to taste in a Legion Brewing beer at this year’s Queen City Brewers Festival at The Fillmore on February 2.

Then last week, we announced the winning candy, Sour Patch Kids, and asked you to help us name the new brew.

The winning and official name of Legion Brewing’s new Sour Patch Kids beer is: “Sour Draft Kids”.

Congratulations to CharlotteFive reader Sarah Chestnut for submitting the winning name! She’ll be awarded two tickets to Queen City Brewers Festival where “Sour Draft Kids” will make its official debut.

“Sour Draft Kids” will be a kettle sour. “Sour Draft Kids is going to a mix of sweet and fruity, with that tart, mouth watering effect that we all remember fondly from our childhood years,” said Brittany Smith, marketing manager at Legion Brewing.

Want to taste this candy-inspired beer for yourself? Grab your own tickets to Queen City Brewers Festival, where you’ll get the chance to sample Sour Draft Kids and 100+ other Charlotte beers and ciders — and food from exhibitors including Sabor Latin Street Grill and Duckworth’s Kitchen & Taphouse. If you can’t make it to the event, Legion Brewing will be serving Sour Draft Kids the following day, Sunday, Feb. 3, at both of their locations.

Photos via Legion Brewing and Queen City Brewers Festival


  1. Of course. And the infantilization of the kidults continues. Drink lots of beer like one eats candies. I find it hypocritical that Charlotte frowns upon smoking (tobacco) — people are holier-than-thou when it comes to that vice (which is legal), yet celebrates and encourages alcoholism.

    And almost all events or gatherings or outings in Charlotte must involve alcohol. Without it, Charlotte is just another boring, homogeneous, dull, trying to be uppity but really just a bourgee place. Oh, wait, it is. Dum(b) Dum(b) Hops woud’ve suffice. As you were.


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