Your guide to the best wings in Charlotte, from traditional to Malaysian chili

Photo via Midwood Smokehouse

From good ol’ fashioned buffalo to Malaysian chili, a flavorsome plate of wings is hard to beat. Here are 24 messy, hot ‘n saucy wings around the Charlotte region for your feasting enjoyment.

Note: This is not a “catch all” list, nor are they listed in a particular order or ranking (they’re alphabetical). If we missed your go-to Southern bird, let us know in the comments so we can pluck a few on our next wing quest.

Alexander Michael’s

401 W. Ninth St.

Price: $8.50

Personal Note: I’ve immensely enjoyed my experience every time I’ve visited this classic restaurant; The Texas and Honey Garlic BBQ wings do not disappoint and I typically order them with a basket of Cajun spiced fries ($4.25).


4201 Park Rd. and 7416 Waverly Walk Avenue

Price: $7.50

Personal Note: Try the Malaysian Chili Wings. “The first time I had the wings, I asked the waitress three times if they were gluten free. (To) which she replied ‘yes, yes they are’. They are the same ones that can be found on the main menu and they are delicious.” – Asheton, @smashlivesalot

Coaltrane’s Char Grill

1518 Central Ave.

Price: $8.99

Personal Note: One pound of their famous char-grilled wings tossed in buffalo or maple-chipotle sauce. They’re served with salsa roja and cooked over an open flame.

Cuzzo’s Cuisine

3418 Tuckaseegee Rd.

Price: $8 for 6 wings (1 flavor), $12 for 10 wings (2 flavors) and $22 for 20 wings (2 flavors).

Personal Note: For Wings & Tenders: guests can pick from jerk, hot or BBQ sauces along with regular, cajun, or lemon pepper dry rubs.

D.D. Peckers’

10403 Park Rd.

Price: 5 for $5.50, 10 for $10.95, 15 for $15.95, 20 for $20.95 …. all the way up to 100 for $95.95 (prices are for one flavor, multiple flavors extra).

Personal Note: Located in a nondescript strip mall, don’t expect anything fancy about this wing joint. However, there’s over 25 flavors to choose from and they even offer a sampler platter if you want more than one flavor at a time.

Duckworth’s Kitchen and Taphouse

4435 Park Rd.

Price: 10 for $12.99 and 24 for $24.99.

Personal Note: These bad boys are cooked fresh to order and served with blue cheese or ranch. Flavors include plain, medium, hot, Mommoo’s, Sweet n’Bold Gold, lemon pepper and garlic parmesan.

Galway Hooker

17044 Kenton Dr. Cornelius

Price: $10

Personal Note: One of my favorite spots in Cornelius, this Irish pub has a mean appetizer game, including their crispy chicken wings. Patrons get their choice of buffalo, mango habanero, ye olde 62, teriyaki or peach bbq and I suggest also ordering a side of the Irish Egg Rolls ($8). Sit on their plant-covered patio if it’s nice outside, you won’t regret it. (Perhaps order a Guinness too while you’re at it!)

Lebowski’s Neighborhood Grill

1524 East Blvd.

Price: 6 for $7.95 or 10 for $11.75

Personal Note: “Their original Gold Rush sauce (a tangy but sweet BBQ) makes them the best in town. It’s me and my family’s favorite.” Rachel, @queencitychic

Mac’s Speed Shop

Multiple Locations

via Jessica Hodnett”s Instagram

Price: 8 for $8.50 or 16 for $16.25

Personal Note: “VTX Chipotle and Honey BBQ are my favorite flavors. I love these wings because they are dry rubbed first, then hickory smoked and grilled to perfection! The char on the outside is the best!” – Jess, @sweet_seoul_in_charlotte

McKoy’s Smokehouse

4630 Old Pineville Rd.

Price: 5 for $7.99, 10 for $12.99 or 20 for $23.99

Personal Note: “Pro Tip, get them double grilled for that extra crispy and charred flavor (an extra $1.50 per dozen). Everything at McKoy’s is homemade, from the desserts down to the ranch dressing.” – Jess, @finickylady

Midwood Smokehouse

Various Locations

Price: $9.00

Personal Note: Midwood only uses Springer Mountain Farms chicken that are 100% all natural with no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones. Guests have their choice of Smoked Wings or Crispy. I personally love the smoked.

Moe’s Original Bar B Que

111 Matthews Station St., Matthews

Price: 6 for $5 or 12 for $10

Personal Note: These wings are marinated, smoked and then fried. Hello flavortown. They are served with Alabama white sauce and I recommend saving room for their Banana Puddin’.

Moosehead Grill

1807 Montford Dr.

Price: 5 for $6.95, 10 for $12.95, 50 for $56.95 and 100 for $109.95

Personal Note: Everyone raves about Uncle Donnie’s Famous Blackened Wings, which I completely agree are a delight. However, I also really like the Killer Bees and Hoison – Poison varieties.

Peace -N- Hominy Q

403 E Catawba St. Belmont
Price: $8Personal Note: Wings are dusted with their signature brown sugar rub and a touch of honey before they’re smoked with pecan and whiskey barrel wood. Flavors include plain, original Q, hot Q, Texas Pete and “Squeal Like A Pig” (very hot).

Pinky’s Westside Grill

1600 W Morehead St.

Price: 6 for $5.95, 12 for $9.95 and 20 for $15.50

Personal Note: These crispy birds are deep fried & tossed in your choice of buffalo sauce, ancho barbecue or cult de fuego sauce served with celery and choice of ranch or blue cheese.

Queen City Wings

607 Baldwin Ave.

Price: 6 for $7.50, 12 for $12.99, 20 for $18, 30 for $28.99, 50 for $47.99 and 100 for $97.99.

Personal Note: Wings are cooked to order, so make sure to visit when you’re not on a time constraint. Get the house-made Triple Whammy sauce and try their hot dog specials (two dogs all the way with fries are only $4.99).

The Roasting Company

1521 Montford Dr.

Price: 10 wings for $10.49, 20 wings for $19.39, 50 wings for $46.99 and 100 wings for $94.99.

Personal Note: Flavors include traditional (hot), evil (hotter), nuclear (very hot), hot honey and Jaco (BBQ teriyaki). All are pretty flavorful, but I often order the hot honey option.


228 West Blvd.

Price: 6 for $7, 12 for $12

Personal Note: I used to work around the corner from this BBQ joint a few years back, so I would typically order the brisket plate to-go and it was fantastic. My co-workers would rave about the wings (their hot version in particular), so I’m going to add this spot to my list. Added bonus: they have complimentary cracklings, if that’s your sort of thing.

Seoul Food Meat Co.

1400 S. Church St.

Price: 6 for $9, 10 for $13, 20 for $20 and 30 for $29

Personal Note: “Seoul Food Meat Co. seamlessly delivers some of the best, crispy, flavorful wings in the city. They only have two flavors (spicy and soy garlic) so you might as well get both!” – Julia, @cltchomp (Note from Jess – try the tofu wings too!)

Selwyn Avenue Pub

2801 Selwyn Ave.

Price: 6 for $7.95, 12 for $13.95

Personal Note: “Spicy, sweet and perfectly crispy… Selwyn Avenue Pub’s Bee Sting Wings are best enjoyed with a cold beer on [their] iconic patio.” – Yvonne & Jason, @scallionpancake

TLC Wings & Grill

9101 Pineville Matthews Rd. Pineville

Price: 5 for $5.59, 10 for $10.99, 20 for $20.99… all the way up to 100 for $97.99.

Personal Note: I like to mix and match the sauces so I get a little bit of this, little bit of that. The garlic parmesan are different (in a good way) and you can never go wrong with their classic honey hot.

Turnhouse Grille

1600 East Woodlawn Rd.

Price: $13

Personal Note: The Heff Wings are slathered in “Why can’t we get along sauce” or Matty’s Dry Rub. Then they are finished off on the grill. I recommend that you pair this with their famous “Booty Loop” cocktail ($12).

Ty’s Wings and Tings

5708 N. Sharon Amity Rd.

Price: 15 for $20; see store for small portion details.

Personal Note: Wings are cooked to order with your choice of fried or grilled. There’s a variety of dry rubs and seasonings to satisfy your personal preferences – I suggest trying the jerk sauce (spicy) and lemon pepper.

Wing King Cafe

Multiple Locations

via Chrissie Beth’s Instagram

Price: King Sample Platter (25 wings + 5 sauces for 5 wings each) for $25

Personal Note: “Overlook the [Charlotte] location (questionable looking gas station plazas and strip malls are not often home to fantastic food), grab a bar stool and a cold beer and get a little messy while you chow down on saucy wings. They have over 30 flavors to choose from, so you can go traditional or try something different. Our faves are traditional hot, sweet chili and hot garlic parmesan.” – Chrissie, @chrissie_beth

Photos: Rachel Brown, Jessica Hodnett, Jessica Moore, Chrissie Beth, Midwood Smokehouse.


    • Bisonte wings are incredible. I’m partial to their wings and Beantown’s more than anything else.

      Solid list otherwise, besides listing HOISIN POISON wings as being good. I like spicy wings as much as anyone but eating just one of those is liable to knock you out.

  1. Just a little hint about DD Peckers.
    You don’t go there for the service.
    Cold beer and hot wings, who could ask for anything more?!?!
    They have the best wings in Charlotte by far.
    They are definitely a diamond in the ruff.
    You obviously missed the entire point of DD Peckers.
    Oh well, your loss.

  2. DD’s wings are the best, tastiest wings in Charlotte, easily. Agree that the service doesn’t matter when the food is that good. However, not sure when the author went in there, but I have been to DD’s many, many times over the past few years, and I have had good service every single time.

  3. I’m guessing your word processing program had a glitch and accidentally deleted Bonchon, which you no doubt included on this list because their Korean fried chicken wings are the best wings in town.

    Better get your IT guy on that.

    Anyway, thanks for including Bonchon, because I know you know their wings are the best in town.

  4. Brixx has wings on the menu now. They’re marinated for 24 hours in rosemary and garlic, then wood fired in our brick oven. You can get them in Rosemary Garlic, Buffalo or Sweet Thai Chili (my personal favorite, but don’t tell the others).

  5. I have eaten at multiple Charlotte restaurants and have determined the wings at D.D. Peckers are by far the best. Second place goes to the Zaxby’s on South Tryon and third place certainly goes to Seoul Food Meet Market.


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