Why Your Realtor® Should Be Your BFF [Partner]


A great Realtor® is like a great friend: They’re your partner-in-crime and BFF all rolled into one, especially when buying a new home in the current seller’s market. When you’re not sure how to make an offer or stay competitive, these battle-hardened buddies will be sure you make the right choices according to your needs, budget and goals.

Realtors® should be your bestie because:

They understand the current market. If you’re buying in today’s tough seller’s market, you need a friend on your side to navigate the tight inventory and high demand to find a home that’s perfect for your needs. Your Realtor® has numerous resources at his or her fingertips, including access to the MLS’ accurate, up-to-the-minute data, tools and reports that are market-specific down to the neighborhood and even street level.

They have a strong referral network.  Your Realtor® is a great source of information, whether it’s knowledge of potential defects with that property you have your eye on, or community amenities and hotspots in different parts of town. They’re also connected to the community and can recommend lenders, home inspectors, contractors and home repair people.

They’ll help you price your offer correctly to be competitive. Since there are more people looking for homes rather than selling them, you’ll want to be sure you can put a reasonable offer down on the table. Your Realtor® can ensure you’re doing this, and even add crucial clauses to your offer. For example, you may want your offer to be accepted pending a mold inspection of the home. This way, you’ll be sure the home isn’t coming with any unwanted surprises.

They’re a strong negotiator. Your Realtor® will not only help you find your dream home, but will help you deliver your best offer to increase your chances of getting it in our current competitive market.

They’ll help you if you’re a seller too. If you’re looking to sell your home in this market, you have the advantage for the moment, at least. But it’s not a slam dunk without the right tools and strategies from a seasoned Realtor®. Your Realtor® can help you price the home properly, which is essential.  He or she will also help you present your home in the best possible light and give you advice on curb appeal, decluttering and staging.

More information: Learn more about the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association and why Realtors® Make It Right.


  1. This is horrible advice. Don’t mix business and friends. Your realtor is someone who you have hired, and will be paying thousands of dollars, to work for you. They’re an employee of yours and they’re doing what they do to make money off of your transaction. Be professional and understand you’re all filling roles in a financial transaction and everyone will come away from it better off.


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