Who is getting your vote today? A look at endorsements


Happy Charlotte primary election day!

First, the important info:

– Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
– Go here to find your polling place.
– Check out the Observer’s election guide here.

If you’re undecided on whom you want to vote for, we have listed the endorsements of several local organizations and publications below. Even moms endorse!

Now, you should only vote for a candidate if you believe she/he is best for the job, not because someone else tells you to. But endorsements can help you learn more about a candidate and aid in your research.

Charlotte Observer

– Dem. Mayor: David Howard
– GOP Mayor: Edwin Peacock
– City Council At-Large: Julie Eiselt, Billy Maddalon, Claire Green Fallon and Vi Lyles

Charlotte Post, African American focused newspaper

– Dem. Mayor: David Howard
– GOP Mayor: Edwin Peacock
– City Council At-Large: Claire Fallon, Vi Lyles, Billy Maddalon and James Mitchell

MeckPAC, a lobbying group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents

– Dem. Mayor: Dan Clodfelter.
– City Council At Large: James Mitchell, Billy Maddalon. Julie Eiselt and Vi Lyles.

Real Estate & Building Industry Coalition, a lobbying group for developers

– Dem. Mayor: Dan Clodfelter
– GOP Mayor: Either
– City Council At-Large: Julie Eiselt, Claire Green Fallon, Vi Lyles and Billy Maddalon

So get out there and make your voice heard.

In other headlines …

FURY IS THE BEST: The industry trade magazine gave Carowinds a Golden Ticket Amusement Award for Best New Ride in honor of the Fury. More than 1.5 million people have ridden the coaster since it opened in March.

WHAT’S UP WITH CMS SAT SCORES?: That’s what district officials are wondering with the 25-point drop in average SAT scores. That places Charlotte below national and state averages.


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