This eclectic Asheville-based taco spot is heading to Charlotte—with several locations

Courtesy of White Duck Taco Shop Greenville

Banh Mi Tofu. Bangkok Shrimp. Jerk Chicken. No, these are not dishes from the menus of international restaurants. But they are a few of the taco options from Asheville-based White Duck Taco.

This unique eatery will soon open up not one, but several, locations across the Charlotte area.

“We can easily see ourselves opening up at least six locations in Charlotte over time,” Jason Haas, co-partner of White Duck Taco Charlotte, told CharlotteFive.

Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood will be the home of White Duck’s first restaurant in the area. It will be in the new Belmont Mills building that sits at the corner of 10th Street and Seigle Avenue. Haas expects it to open at the end of October or early November.

“Belmont is a good first location. The area has lots of walkability, especially with First Ward just under the bridge from us,” Haas said.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Haas teamed up with Jeff Carter, who holds the franchising rights for the Charlotte locations. Carter has years of experience in the franchise industry and has helped several other restaurants get their start, as well.

Other locations

This duo plans to also open up a Matthews location and one in Waxhaw somewhere down the line. The Matthews location will be a lot larger, offering the opportunity for special events to be hosted there.

White Duck Taco Charlotte will mirror the menu of the Asheville restaurants, but there is the possibility for Charlotte-only menu items, as well.

“All of our tacos are approved by the executive chef in Asheville, but depending on what our local suppliers can provide, we may have room to change some things here and there.”

Courtesy of White Duck Taco Shop Greenville

As for Haas’ favs, he loves the Bangkok Shrimp and the Pork Belly Tacos. Occasionally he may throw in a lamb gyro, too.

The restaurant is in talks to partner with local breweries for options on the drinks menu. It will also feature the same specialty drinks and cocktails that White Duck has become famous for. Two words: watermelon sangria.

If you aren’t familiar with the White Duck brand, it is known for its funky wall art featuring a white duck mascot. The downtown Asheville shop features the duck in a gold chain, while the River Arts District store — also in Asheville — has it lounging in a pool float.

Plans are still being made as to how the duck will be dressed for the first Charlotte location, but he will definitely be there.

White Duck Taco

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