What’s the deal with this moms-only workout facility coming to Elizabeth next week?


I was a tad skeptical when I pulled up to the soon-to-open Burn Boot Camp – Fit Community of Moms facility on Elizabeth Avenue. Being a non-mom, I wondered, “Why is there a workout facility dedicated only to moms?”

Answer: Burn Boot Camp Elizabeth co-owners Lindsay Bushnell and Kyle Lane are joining a shift in the Burn concept that was created in 2012 by founder Devan Kline, a Minor-League-baseball-player-turned-fitness-trainer. Kline was inspired by the overwhelmed, less-than-fit condition of his baseball host mom to make changes in the lives of other overwhelmed, less-than-fit moms. Since then, nearly 20 locations have opened across Florida, the Carolinas and Tennessee.

But when it comes to creating a “Fit Community of Moms,” Lane said, “We’re not going to have that tagline. It’s grown into something that is more of a fit community.”


“Our goal is to get everyone to transform from a calorie-restrictions mindset,” Lane said. That means training like an athlete and eating like an athlete, not training like an athlete and eating like a model.

While the facility will still focus on women’s fitness, evening classes (5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.) are co-ed, as are Saturday classes (7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.).

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“It’s geared towards anybody,” said Lane, 31. “The reason we (still focus on) women is because the majority of our population is women.”

“It creates a lot more of a supportive atmosphere,” said Bushnell, 30, who went to Burn six days a week for six weeks to reach her goal of getting back to her pre-baby body before her 30th birthday.

That fitness atmosphere opens to the public Sunday, Dec. 13 with a drop-in orientation from 3-5 p.m. The founder will be speaking at 3:30 p.m. and protein samples and retail will be available.

There’s not much to look at in the 5,000 square-foot space just yet, but don’t worry, the full schedule of classes will be ready to begin Monday, Dec. 14.


Here’s what to expect from Charlotte’s first Burn Boot Camp:

– Eight classes offered Mondays-Fridays and two on Saturdays. All taught by Lane for the first month or so, before adding another trainer or two.

– A pull-up bar, which is actually the largest piece of equipment in the space. People can support their weight with two types of bands if they want to modify.

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– The potential for better parking arrangements, since the lot in front is a bit of a squeeze.

– A $30-for-30-days-trial deal.

– Free childcare.

– A women’s locker room complete with a shower. The men have a room as well, sans shower.

– Cubbies in the back for workout gear.

Memberships that include body-diagnostics measurements and focus meetings to individualize goals, motivation and nutrition.

– No mirrors. Which means no distractions.

– No expectation to sign up in advance — walk on in. The space holds 50 people.

– A lot of running and no workout that is the same. Lane will constantly shake it up with calisthenics, battle ropes, free weights, smash balls, kettle bells, hurdles (!), suspension training, strength training and more.

– A burn.

Photos: Katie Toussaint


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