What happened to all the film posters at the Charlotte Airport?


If you’ve traveled through the Charlotte Douglas International Airport this month, you may have noticed something missing: The 42 film posters that adorned the walls in Concourse A.

They represented a mix of older and newer projects — TV shows and movies — that were filmed in the Charlotte area. Think “Homeland,” “Days of Thunder,” “Talladega Nights,” “Paper Towns,” and “Ashby.” A little show of Charlotte fame.

So what happened? Did a crazed traveler rip them off the walls? Is the airport moving toward a more minimalist look? Were they stolen?

They’re actually just in storage. A representative of the airport’s media department said they were recently taken down in preparation for construction. The airport is expanding Concourse A, and eventually the wall that displayed the posters will no longer exist. What will exist: Nine new gates by 2018, and an additional 16 new gates by 2022.

The posters could return. The airport media representative said they would be open to the display once again in the future.

The Charlotte Regional Film Commission originally loaned the posters to the airport as an initiative to educate travelers and residents about the vast amount of film that has taken place in the region, said Laura Hill White, Director of Communications for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, which handles public relations for the Film Commission.


The Film Commission isn’t bummed about getting the posters back.

White said, “We definitely understand, the aiport is one of our greatest assets in our region.”

She added that the airport may even contribute to Charlotte’s attraction to filmmakers.

In the meantime, if travelers need an alternative visual stimulus, they should be on the lookout for the Airport’s Santa Air & Cargo holiday decorations, which will go up in mid-November.

Photos: Courtesy of Charlotte Airport


  1. I doubt we’ll ever see those again. Since the Republican legislature pulled funding for film tax credits North Carolina has lost millions in revenue from goods and services purchased during film production and in employment of Nirth Carolinians in the film industry.

    • It’s a shame more North Carolinians don’t know about this loss of revenue. We used to make a lot of money from the film industry, but now they take those dollars to Georgia and South Carolina.

  2. Well…since most of the posters were also up in E gate as well, and they were taking down, I doubt that all of it is due to construction. Probably trying to change up the look from fraternity row house to correctional facility grey. It’s a more pleasing look for the passengers who are consistently delayed.

  3. Since the legislature has pretty much destroyed the film, TV, and most of the commercials that were shot in NC and sent those good paying jobs, support services like hotels, landscapers, props rental, locations rentals, hardware and lumber sales, food, etc etc to other states who are very much enjoying the biz; they really don’t really want to remind anyone of the loss. I think Georgia did 6 BILLION dollars worth of film related biz last year. You do the math. I don’t think you’ll be seeing those posters anytime soon, maybe they’ll have posters of the privately owned prisons and toll roads.


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