4 local wedding gift ideas that won’t break the bank


Wedding season is upon us, which means those invitations are starting to roll in — taking up more and more real estate on your fridge. While, I know, you are ecstatic for all the blossoming forevers you have been invited to be a part of, it can get a little rough on your already stretched wallet. That’s why veering away from the intimidating wedding registry may be the best means to impress the googly-eyed pair.

Charlotte provides many artistic individuals and creative retailers that cater to the shopper on the hunt for an exceptional way of standing out amongst the crag of perfectly wrapped boxes on the gift table. Imaginative gifts not only light up the hearts and faces of the recipients, but also shows that you know them – and on their big day, what better way to show you care!   

No-one wants to show up at a wedding reception with a lackluster gift (or worse, empty handed) so, as a wedding-event professional in uptown Charlotte, I have the scoop on where to go and what to get that will guarantee to put a smile on the faces of the Mr. and Mrs. to be. Check out these unique options with a local flair.

Custom hand-lettered wine glasses

Find them here: Simple & Sentimental (Etsy)

Taylor , the creative force behind the Etsy storefront Simple & Sentimental, is a whiz when it comes to hand-lettering customized designs. When it comes time for the lovebirds to unwind after their long honeymoon, imagine how happy they will be when they cuddle up on the couch sipping a bit of vino out of one-of-a-kind glassware gifted by their bestie. There are many options on Simple & Sentimental’s website, but I highly recommend some sort of stemware; wine glasses go for roughly $8.99. So, for a set of 4 you are looking at about $40. It is a classy option, specially made for all of the couple’s cheers-able moments ahead.

Courtesy of Simple & Sentimental (Etsy)

Dirty Bird Soap

Find it here: Events and retail shopping options

A really big trend I have noticed coming through the Queen City wedding scene is Rustic-Chic Bohemian (and I am SO excited about it). A super gift idea that will not only compliment the reigning theme but wow the blissful twosome is a gorgeous assortment of Dirty Bird Soap’s ultra-modish products. All products are chemical free and made right here in Charlotte. Bars of soap start at $5.95 (if you really want to impress the pair, make sure to grab the Eucalyptus Hemp & Tea Tree bar – and maybe one for yourself, you’re welcome). You can get really creative and make a stunning gift basket or get one of the pre-made beauties. Either way, you’ll be a superhero.

Need some help navigating through the sea of scents? Try a mix of some of my favorites – Sweet Roses Soap ($5.95), Urban Myth Soap ($5.95), Activated Charcoal Soap ($5.95), Aloe Calendula Soap ($5.95), Pink Rose Clay Face Mask ($8.95) and/or Love Spell Lotion ($12.95). A thoughtful, handmade gift basket that you will be proud to put your name on, all for about $50. This idea is a fantastic option for a couple that likes to relax and get pampered together and they will be thankful for the well-groomed gift.

Chic Queen-City-inspired candles

Where to find them: Candle Bravo Candles can be found at Pura Vida Worldly Art, 3202a North Davidson St.

Décor & candles are never a bad gift idea. And, here in Charlotte, we have a really awesome option that local couples will love. Candle Bravo offers a stunning array of scents with their soy candles – from French Cottage to Love + Happiness (I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better name if you are going to gift this to the lovebirds). The candles begin at $9 and grow based on your preferences, but a set of two or three in an attractively decorated bag would be the way to go for your low-key couple options, bringing you to a modest total of $20-$30.

The newlyweds’ entertaining board

Where to find it: Blis Gift Boutique, 100 N Tryon St., #290

It is just a fact that the happy couple will be doing a lot of entertaining in the year or two after their big day – buying a house, holidays, maybe there’s a baby on the way soon – and they will be forever appreciative for well-designed and aesthetically pleasing pieces to add to their entertaining repertoire. Blis Gift Boutique has a lot to choose from, including a beautiful Wedding Hosting Tray Set for $44.99 – a charming option for the surmountable cheese and charcuterie boards that are surely coming. Tray set not really your style? No worries – Blis Gift Boutique offers a wide selection of wedding gifts under $50. A set of gorgeous Mr. & Mrs. Hand Towels will run you $28 or you could be a little cheekier and opt for the True Love Flask Set that will only set you back $30.

Literally almost anything from Paper Skyscraper

Where to find it: Paper Skyscraper, 330 East Blvd.

I always, always, always recommend Paper Skyscraper to those who reach out wanting advice on where to get a really distinctive wedding gift for our Charlottean duos that like something no one else has. Walking in is an event in itself, especially when the adorable puppy mascot is just walking around greeting everybody. With a large selection of Charlotte-centric items – coffee mugs for those sleepy gazes over morning cups of coffee, décor that is matchless and will elevate any room, or funky little cards to stash some cash in – you cannot go wrong.

With gift options ranging $20 and up, you’re still not breaking the bank. Check out the custom coffee mugs – ranging from $8.95 and up, you could easily grab a couple and pair it with a rich, locally ground coffee option from the couples’ favorite shop for about $30. Believe me, they will smile every time they take a sip from their new, beloved mugs.

Featured photo courtesy of CharlotteFive files.


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