5 creative wedding cakes to inspire your big day

Photography by The Wedding Click.

This post is brought to you in partnership with The Icing & the Cake. All opinions are our own.

With over 16 years of experience in baking and designing cakes, Brandy Stimac isn’t afraid to get creative with her cakes.

“I’m known for doing cakes with different textures, designs, and shapes” said Stimac, owner of The Icing & the Cake in Mooresville.

Stimac provides customers with a comprehensive design process so that you can help design the cake of your dreams, while also gaining some creative input. She will go above an beyond to bring a special, creative touch to all of her customers’ cakes.

Here are 5 creative wedding cakes created by Stimac to inspire your big day.

(1) Raspberry Champagne Celebration

“We put real champagne in the batter,” Stimac said about the shop’s signature cake. “No artificial flavoring here!” The cake is layered with homemade raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserve filling.

(2) Wear your heart on your cake

Interested in a cake with a crystal heart cutout and a white picket fence? Stimac can do it. And in fact, she’s already done it! The crystal heart detail adds a mythical element to your cake, and it’s edible.

(3) Hanging Chandelier cake

Stimac’s Hanging Chandelier cake puts a new twist on the idea of an upside-down cake. The unique confection is sure to be one of the highlights of your special day, without taking too much attention away from the stars of the show, of course!

(4) Strawberry Lemonade

Everyone loves strawberry lemonade, so your guests are bound to be fans of this lemon cake layered with homemade lemon buttercream and strawberry preserve filling. The cake batter also incorporates fresh lemon juice and lemon zest.

(5) Think outside the box

Say goodbye to the traditional cake structure and hello to the new square cake concept. The box shape will allow you to serve more guests since square slices can be cut smaller than slices cut from a traditional round cake.

The Icing & the Cake’s studio hours are by appointment only. Visit Stimac in her custom designer cake studio by requesting a consultation on the shop’s website.


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