5 reasons you should book the same photographer for your wedding and engagement photos


This post was created in collaboration with Love Shutter.

At Love Shutter, engagement photos are included in your wedding photo package — and owner Ron Randle, and his daughter Briana, say there’s a reason for that.

For most couples, wedding or engagement photos are the first time they’ve ever done a photoshoot, and hiring the same photographer for both has its benefits.

You get amazing photos of you, as a couple.

At this point, most of your photos together probably consist of selfies and photos taken by friends or family members.

“And that is perfectly normal,” Ron says, “but an engagement session is the perfect way to professionally capture the very beginning of your love story without the craziness and time constraints of a wedding day.”

Professional photographer can find the perfect lighting, coax you out of discomfort and talk you through poses.

You learn how to comfortably pose in front of the camera.

“Unless you’re a professional model, correctly positioning yourself in front of a camera is probably not a skill you possess,” Ron says. “One of the benefits of an engagement session is we help you learn how to feel comfortable and natural for photography.”

Randle says posing can feel unnatural or uncomfortable at times, but your photographer has a trained eye and knows what will create beautiful, natural looking photos.

Engagement sessions help speed up wedding day photography.

Having shot hundreds of weddings, Randle says it’s not often things run 100 percent on schedule, which means the time for photos is usually limited.

“When that happens, the time allowed for photography is often impacted,” Briana says, “and if you’ve shot an engagement session with your photographer, you will be more efficient and comfortable when it’s time for your portrait session. Think of an engagement session as a training run for your wedding day.”

It’s a great opportunity for your photographer to get to know you as a couple.

Getting to know your photographer before your wedding day helps ensure your photos are picture perfect.

“Besides meeting in person (with an adult beverage), our engagement sessions are the perfect way for us to learn more about you as a couple,” Briana says. “The more we know you, the more comfortable and relaxed you are around us and our cameras, and the easier it is to work with you during your wedding day. All that adds ups to better photographs.”

It’s actually fun.

Wedding photos are something you’ll always have to look back on, but it’s also nice to have some photos say not in a white dress or tux. Plus, its one of the few moments in the engagement and wedding planning process where the focus is all on you.

“With no time constraints and no agenda, it’s surprisingly fun to spend time with your future spouse focusing on each other,” Randle says. “No cell phones. No interruptions. No worries. Just the two of you.”

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All photos: courtesy of Love Shutter.


  1. That is a good point that things don’t usually go as planned, so it would be good to get the photos done as soon as you could. That is something I would want to do if I got engaged. Maybe when I propose to my girlfriend, we will have to schedule engagement photos for soon after.


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