Take these 6 interior design steps to spiff up your place

Photo by Laura Sumrak

Whether you’re moving in to a new apartment or just want to give your current one a revamp, you can manage decorating with ideas from Beth Barden of design POST interiors.

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Take these 6 steps to spiff up your place:

(1) Get the prep work done

Prep is the first step in the home makeover, allowing you see what you have, what you need and where you want to go with the space moving forward.

Once that’s done Barden suggests assessing your place by taking measurements of the room. With existing pieces, note the paint color, stain and finishes. And take plenty of photos.

She encourages clients to make a list of all the things they love and hate in their place.

What if you don’t know your vision? Barden suggests gathering inspiration from Pinterest.

“Give yourself focused time on there, pin 30-50 rooms and find the common thread that keeps coming up, ”said Barden.

She also suggests visualizing how you want to use the space, asking yourself that very question: “Wow would I like to use this space?” And: “How do I want to feel in this space?”

Think about storage

Square footage comes at a premium with apartment living, and with minimal square footage, you must be creative. Barden suggests “double-duty furniture” like using an ottoman for storage, or even creating storage in unique places, from using under-the-table space to adding shelves.

“My IKEA table has a criss-cross fixture under it and I put a basket platter there for additional storage,” she said, adding that Nadeau is good for small, interesting pieces.

Photo by Laura Sumrak

(2) Use paint for a facelift

When it comes to revamping spaces without major renovation, paint gives a significant facelift.

“Paint can change anything,” said Barden. “It alone is totally what makes the mood of a room before anything else.”

Paint walls, furniture, cabinets or even a floor.

Of course, if you are renting, check with your landlord first.

(3) Consider the lighting

From chandeliers to floor lamps, there are so many easy and affordable options to brighten up and instantly update a space. Barden, who mentioned Wayfair and Overstock as places to check out, said, “Lighting in your home is like the accessories you add to your white t-shirt and jeans. It totally tells your personality.”

Photo by Laura Sumrak

(4) Pay attention to window treatments

Sometimes we decide to go the safe route by choosing blinds or even forgoing window coverings all together.

“By adding something as small as trim, you can make simple white curtains feel a little more custom,” said Barden.

(5) Replace hardware

One of the oldest and easiest tricks in the designer’s book is swapping dated cabinet pulls and knobs with something more your style.

“Hardware is the jewelry of the room,” said Barden. “It’s those types of changes that stamp personality in the home.”

Apartment dwellers can take it a step further by switching faucets and accessories like doorknobs and towel bars, too. You can hold on to the original hardware and replace it before you move out.

(6) Emphasize layers and texture

Once all the anchor furniture is in place, it’s time for a design element that will up the luxe factor of your place. This could be art, candles, a rug, throw pillows or a beautiful blanket draped over the sofa. Even consider pops of greenery throughout the home.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals, glass, wood, a variety of textiles and leather items to create a vibrant and inviting space. Barden likes to mix soft and rough, shiny and natural, and always includes something live and green in her rooms.

Photo by Beth Barden



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