USNWC whitewater channels could reopen this week

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The U.S. National Whitewater Center’s whitewater channels could be back open as soon as later this week, USNWC Communications and Brand Manager Eric Osterhus told WBTV Monday.

“We have not released an official date yet, but anticipate it being later this week,” Osterhus said.

You may have seen that the USNWC started refilling the channels Friday, a process that was expected to take two-four days. Mecklenburg County public health workers were monitoring the process.

How’d we get here?

– Back in June, an 18-year-old Ohio woman died from an infection caused by an amoeba after visiting the whitewater center.

– The center’s water tested positive for the amoeba, which is commonly found in bodies of warm fresh water, and closed its whitewater facilities June 24.

– In the weeks following, USNWC worked with health and environmental agencies to drain the water, clean the channels and develop a new system to filter the water.


– More than 6 million gallons of water from the channels was discharged into the Catawba River July 30, after being chlorinated and dechlorinated.

– Friday, Aug. 5, the center began refilling the channels with 12 million gallons of water, primarily from Charlotte Water.

The U.S. National Whitewater Center celebrates 10 years with Festival X Saturday, and we imagine the folks over there would love for whitewater rafting to be one of the available activities.

Photo: J. Daniel Hud/Charlotte Observer; James Carter/File photo



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