CMS school of the future comes to University area [Partner]

10 years old boy at coding class. He is sitting by the desk and using laptop, coding. He is focus on his work. Kids in background sitting and coding. Selective focus on laptop monitor.

What does the school of the future look like? If you want a glimpse, check out the University Area Computer Science Immersion School. This magnet is the only full computer science coding school in North Carolina. That’s right – the only full computer science coding school in the state – here in CMS! Through a partnership with Code to the Future, students will go from playing with Legos to building robots and learning Java. What else is exciting about North Carolina’s first coding school?


Full staff support

Code to the Future will provide an instructional coach and implementation manager to the University Area Computer Science Immersion School. That means these already excellent educators will receive top-notch training and focus on the goal of providing an amazing computer science magnet. Staff will be expertly trained to integrate computer science with all content areas including computational thinking, sequential thinking and creative thinking – all with a STEM focus.

Group portrait of elementary school kids in school corridor

Consumers vs. creators

This CMS magnet will take students from being consumers of technology to creators. This high-tech environment will promote exploration, creativity and design thinking. Students will benefit from peer collaboration and an engaging classroom experience, setting them up for college and career success in the 21st century.

Limitless opportunities

Parents will share in the excitement as their children prepare for a path with limitless opportunities. They will learn alongside their children in a safe, engaging and innovative environment.


Experienced leadership

With Principal Toyia Matthews at the helm, there’s no limit to how far this school can go. Since 2013, Matthews has served as assistant principal at Irwin Academic Center, a Talent Development/Language Immersion Magnet School. Prior to joining Irwin Academic Center, she he was an assistant principal at Oaklawn Language Academy and media specialist at Croft Community School. She’d love to meet you at an information session from 6-8 p.m. at the University YMCA Feb. 9 and from 10-11 a.m. at the North County Library in Huntersville Feb. 10.

Computer science and coding equals amazing opportunities at the University Area Computer Science Immersion School. See how your student can benefit.



  1. Imagine a school where students have learning opportunities which will bring the future to them NOW! Imagine students of all ages immersed in curriculum that promotes critical thinking and innovation beginning with kindergarteners constructing with Legos leading to their understanding of engineering. The possibilities of projects created by older students may quickly move beyond our imaginations. Congratulations to CMS for having the foresight to lead this initiative in North Carolina! I have known Toyia Matthews since she was a beginning teacher at Crown Point Elementary in 1992. Throughout the years, I have been impressed with her inclusive leadership style and total dedication to the attainment of excellence in all professional endeavors. Kudos to CMS for selecting Toyia Matthews to lead this initiative. It’s a winning combination!


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