Unwind after work or party all night: How this Irish pub has made it work for 20 years

Courtesy of Tyber Creek Pub

Since its opening in 1999, Tyber Creek Pub has been a consistent staple in Charlotte’s constantly evolving South End neighborhood.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the pub serves up both Irish and American favorites at 1933 South Blvd., and truly has Irish roots that begin right at its ownership. Co-owner Thomas Timmins is of Irish descent and from a strong Irish-American neighborhood in New York, while fellow co-owner Maynard Goble’s wife is from Ireland. The third co-owner, Kevin Devin, is from Ireland himself. The fourth is Tim Krot.

“I feel that the reason people visit Tyber Creek Pub is its warm hospitality and versatility,” Timmins said. “It can be a place to unwind after work or for a nice dinner, but can also transition into a late-night spot where local neighbors and service industry can come together for a great night out.”

Brains behind Connolly’s, Prohibition, Dandelion, Workman’s and The Daily Tavern

These partners are also the masterminds behind Charlotte favorites Connolly’s Irish Pub, Prohibition, Dandelion Market, Workman’s Friend and The Daily Tavern. But Tyber Creek has attracted a steady following in the past two decades.

“Many of our biggest strengths from when we opened back in 1999, such as friendly staff, great music — either through bands or DJs — and a great food and beer selection, are just as relevant today, if not even more so,” Timmins said. From time to time, you can find him serving up drinks behind the bar.

Courtesy of Tyber Creek Pub
From left, Tim Krot, Thomas Timmons, Kevin Devin and Maynard Goble.

On top of what the Irish pub has has perfected over the past 20 years, it has also made some other crowd-attracting improvements, such as adding more outdoor space to host al fresco events like Tyberpalooza, which is a two-day event featuring live music, a beer tasting and a corn hole tournament.

To celebrate the joint’s 20th anniversary, Tyber Creek hosted a three-day celebratory event.

Outside of the pub’s anniversary celebration, locals can find traditional Celtic band Clanndarragh performing tunes on the last Sunday of every month that allow the audience at Tyber Creek to feel as if though they are overseas.

Patrons are greeted with an outdoor patio, followed by front doors leading into a room furnished with cozy decor, a bar, booths and various tables and chairs.

Crowd favorites from the kitchen include Shepherd’s pie and fish and chips, both classic Irish dishes. The Shepherd’s pie is served with lamb, carrots, peas and mashed potatoes, and the fish and chips are fried in a Guinness batter and served with hand-cut fries and a house made tartar sauce. They can best be paired a pint of Guinness beer or a fine Irish whiskey.

Other crowd favorites on the not-so-Irish side include the Tyber Old School Pizza — served with buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, mozzarella and ranch — and the noteworthy Reuben. The Reuben is prepared with braised corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing with a side of hand-cut fries.

“We feel extremely grateful that we have been able to be part of the ever-growing South End community,” Timmins said. “We have watched beautiful old homes be renovated, warehouses be repurposed, and the light rail take shape and make South End into one of the best destinations to live, work and play in Charlotte. We’re excited to continue this journey for many years to come.” 

Tyber Creek Pub

1933 South Blvd.
(704) 343-2727


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