Why Treehouse restaurant just rebranded in SouthPark — and the ‘boujee’ new drink to try

Boujee Juice signature cocktail at Treehouse Bourbon & BBQ. Photo by Katie Toussaint

Three days after Living Kitchen shut its doors for good in SouthPark, nearby restaurant Treehouse Whiskey & Fork started rolling out some changes. New Treehouse general manager Nick Patel announced Aug. 28 that the restaurant was in the final stage of rebranding across digital platforms (such as website content and social media feeds), as well as signage.

Treehouse Whiskey & Fork is now Treehouse Bourbon & BBQ.

Patel pointed out that the restaurant doesn’t have much visibility from the street (Sharon-Road-facing Baku stands in the way), which was a huge issue for Living Kitchen. Stephen Edwards, Living Kitchen’s president, previously told C5 that the high rent, coupled with a virtually hidden location on the backside of a building (which includes Diamonds Direct), wasn’t ideal for business.

But for Patel, who assumed his role two months ago after working for restaurants like Babalu and Rock Bottom, he said the recent changes are more about branding as an independent neighborhood hangout in a busy area.

He helped whittle down the 150-item menu featuring everything from seafood, to burgers, to BBQ, to quesadillas, to spaghetti, to about 56 menu items with more of a focus, namely BBQ. Most items are made from scratch.

The entirely-redone menu now features less traditional Southern BBQ with flavors from around the world. Ribs flavors range from spicy Szechuan to spicy masala dry rub, pork ranges from Hawaiin luau to Korean, and chicken ranges from smoked bourbon to Jamaican jerk.

The BBQ is actually being served in small-plate form as well to give better access to the variety, and to add an element of shareability.

Shareable sides and appetizers are on the menu as well, from Southern mac and cheese and smoked veggies on the sides list, to jalapeno poppers and deviled eggs on the appetizers list.

Burgers, wraps, salads, and chili can be found as well.

New food menu at Treehouse Bourbon & BBQ. Photo by Katie Toussaint

And while the drinks menu spotlights more than 50 bourbons, the new menu item sure to knock you under the table is the Boujee Juice, Treehouse’s signature frozen cocktail mixing Deep Eddy peach and lemon vodkas, blended peaches and fresh-squeezed lemonade served in a collectable tin cup (yep, you get a souvenir). For someone who doesn’t adore vodka, it’s disturbing how smooth — and strong — this drink is.

New drinks menu at Treehouse Bourbon & BBQ. Photo by Katie Toussaint

All in all, the new menu is playful and the new, more casual name does fit better with the easygoing interior (think wooden floors and tables fanning out around a decorative tree inside, and a semi-hidden, laid-back patio outside). Plus, I doubt we’ll see SouthPark freaking out about Treehouse Bourbon & BBQ the way Dilworth lost its mind over Ed’s Tavern’s brief stint as Bourbon N Burgers.

Ready to try a taste? The new menu is now being offered.




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