6 reasons to hit the trails at the U.S. National Whitewater Center

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For many Charlotteans, the U.S. National Whitewater Center is their go-to place for whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and tackling a ropes course. But with all of the beautiful landscape and it’s close proximity to city center, it’s also the perfect place to hit the trails.

No matter your activity of choice, you can visit the USNWC for a workout. Their trails span across 1,300 acres and are open to hikers, runners, and bikers. If you want to plan your route before you go, you can check out their trail map here.

Here are 6 reasons to hit the trails:

There are more than 40 miles of trails to choose from.
With so many options, you could work out every day at the USNWC and never get bored. From trails around the water to trails in the woods, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Plenty of the trails also cross paths, so you can always keep your route fresh.

You can work out on your time.

We’re all busy professionals. We understand how stressful it can be to find a beer fitness class that fits your busy schedule. Since the trails are open dawn to dusk, finding the right time is no longer an excuse for not working out. Whether you hit the trails for a run before work or hike with a friend on the weekend, you’ll be able to get your sweat sesh in on your time.

It’s FREE.

Free workout? Yes, please! Whether you want to stay for thirty minutes or for three hours, it’s an added bonus that you can stay as along as you’d like without paying additional money for the experience. You can even make your workout a double and stick around for a free class from the USNWC yoga series.

Please note that while it’s free to use the trails, you do have to pay the $6 parking fee (or purchase an annual parking pass for $50). 

You can bring your dog.

As if you weren’t already convinced, this reason should seal the deal. In our opinion, the only thing better than working out is working out with your dog. Imagine how happy your furry friend will be when you bring them along for the ride.

While USNWC is a pet-friendly facility, dogs must be secured with a leash at all times. Also, make sure to come prepared with plenty of water and supplies to clean up after your pet.

It can be as difficult or as leisurely as you choose.

The trails at the USNWC are versatile. Whether you’re looking for an active rest day or looking to work up a sweat, you can make your workout as easy or hard as you please. Their 40 miles of trails range in difficultly similar to a ski resort as follows:

  • Green trails — Novice and moderately difficult
  • Blue trails — Intermediate and highly difficult
  • Black — Advanced and extremely difficult

You can reward yourself with a beer.

If we’re being honest, this is the only reason we need. After your workout, you can hit up their  biergarten or restaurant to cool down with a cold beer and grab a bite to eat. Sounds like the perfect day to us!

Are you ready to hit the trails at the USNWC?

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