Exclusive: Popular NoDa coffee shop has been sold. Here’s what will and won’t change.

Photo by Melissa Oyler
Trade and Lore in NoDa

The team behind Salud Beer Shop and Salud Cerveceria has purchased the NoDa location of Trade and Lore, which shares space with Salud Cerveceria, CharlotteFive has learned in an exclusive interview.

Salud’s management will take over running the coffee shop and will introduce a new breakfast and pastry menu in the coming weeks. The Trade and Lore Belmont neighborhood location near Catawba Brewing Company and Advent Coworking will remain open.

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“With our recent expansion into the Belmont neighborhood, it became clear that the best decision for everyone was for Salud to take the coffee shop in-house and under their brand,” Sarah Winkler, co-owner of Trade and Lore told CharlotteFive. “This gives us the opportunity to focus on Belmont which has a thriving coffee, wine, beer, cocktail, and food program. We are really proud of our offerings there and what we are creating.”

Jason Glunt, founder and CEO of Salud, said he was approached by the Trade and Lore owners a few weeks ago with a proposal for Salud to buy the coffee shop.

“I love having a coffee shop in the space,” Glunt said. “We’re excited to bring it into our culture and all under one name. There are a lot of opportunities.”

Alex Cason Photography
Jason and Dairelyn Glunt of Salud

“Our transition process has been great,” Glunt said. “We wish them all the best, just like they wish us all the best. There’s been a lot of support from both sides during this process.”

“We are so thankful to the team at Salud for sharing their space with us and being a huge support to us over the years,” Winkler said. “We love their beer, we value them as friends and we know that with their dedication to craft beverages they will create something amazing and uniquely them. Selfishly, we can’t wait to see their food program expand — as we are already fans of their pizza.”  

Coming soon: expanded hours, coffee and beer combos

Glunt and team will expand the hours of the coffee shop, which means those craving a caffeine hit in the evenings have another option. Glunt has hired Woo Jeon, previously of Not Just Coffee, to run the coffee operations. Jeon will inherit the Trade and Lore equipment.

“We love creating and developing unique experiences,” Glunt said. “From food to beer to fermentation and now to coffee … I’m excited about mixing our coffee and our beer together.”

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Alex Cason Photography
Salud Cervaceria

The last day the coffee shop will be known as Trade and Lore will be October 14. After that, the signage will change and the shop will officially merge under the Salud brand.

Loyalists and Instagram fans need not worry about the physical space, which was designed by the Salud team. The plants, the seating, the art, etc. will remain the same.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a party announcement marking the debut of the new drink menu.

Photo by Melissa Oyler
Trade and Lore in NoDa


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