The former owner of The Daily Press is opening a new coffee shop in the heart of NoDa


When Lindsey Pitman closed The Daily Press back in February 2016, she said she planned to bring her coffee business back to Charlotte in a new location.

The Daily Press was the popular pop-up coffee shop that used the space in NoDa’s The Evening Muse during the day.

In the meantime, she and business partner Sarah Winkler opened Trade and Lore in Asheville, and for a while Pitman operated a pop-up within a pop-up at Goodyear Arts, all the while scouting out locations for a more permanent Charlotte location.

Now it’s finally happening. Pitman and Winkler will open their new Charlotte coffee shop, also called Trade and Lore, early this summer. It will be right across the street from The Evening Muse, as part of Salud Cerveceria and Taproom, on the second floor of Salud. (This is the space that was vacated by UpStage when it closed in October.) The two will continue to operate the Asheville store as well.

Trade and Lore is the final piece of the puzzle for Salud Cerveceria, which will serve beer from Salud’s expanded brewery operation, and food from Fud at Salud.

The 3,100 square-foot space will be a coffee shop in the morning and a taproom at night. It will still serve a limited number of Trade and Lore’s coffee and tea offerings at night.

Salud Cerveceria head brewer Adam Glover, left, and Lindsey Pitman.

Former Daily Press customers who remember the creative drinks and their artistic presentation will find much of the same at Trade and Lore, but one advantage of the larger space will be shorter waits.

“Here we will be able to do so much more volume,” said Pitman. “People won’t have to wait as long for a cup of coffee because not every cup of coffee is manually brewed. We have very smart machines that can brew fantastic, consistent cups of coffee. We can have a bunch of different varieties of coffee. We’ll have a lot of coffee from different regions for people to test their palates and do tastings.”

Trade and Lore will feature baked goods from Whisk and Wood, as The Daily Press did, but will be collaborating with Fud at Salud and local farmers to provide an expanded menu.

The “Lore” in Trade and Lore will be a real part of the venture.

“There will be stories behind the drinks,” Pitman said. “They’ll be named after and inspired by someone, so there will be a story that people can get with their drink, and learn something about diversity, or a forgotten hero in history, or just folklore.”

Although Trade and Lore doesn’t have a specific opening date yet, Pitman is already experimenting and creating. She recently foraged in parks for honeysuckle, which she let steep in a simple syrup for 24 hours, creating a honeysuckle cordial that could be used in coffee, tea or soda.

She’s also created a powder out of strawberries that she picked and dehydrated, and has used in-season produce to make shrubs (drinking vinegars) that she will use in coffee or soda.

You could say she’s itching to get started creating drinks, but perhaps what she’s most looking forward to is being a part of the NoDa community again.

“I don’t know how to convey to people how much I have missed them from my life,” she said. “Being in Asheville is fantastic, but the excitement I feel about returning to this neighborhood is very overwhelming and emotional.”

To keep up with Trade and Lore, follow The Daily Press on Instagram. (The branding on the account will change soon.) Salud Cerveceria & Taproom is also on Instagram.

Photos: Jody Mace; Lindsey Pitman


  1. Yay! We love Lindsay and Sarah and their amazing concoctions. When we’re not shooting or editing video we’ll be hanging out at Trade and Lore! Congratulations, y’all- welcome back to the hood!


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