Hello, Carolina Panthers fans! Last football season, we tracked linebacker Luke Kuechly’s tackles. This season we’re keeping track of all the passes completed by reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton.

The Panthers lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday 17-16 after going for a two-point conversion late in the fourth quarter. Cam was 18-for-32 with one touchdown and three interceptions (one returned for a touchdown). He finished the game with 237 passing yards.

This season was quite a drop-off from last year’s MVP campaign. Cam had a career-low completion percentage of 52.9, which was worse than Brock Osweiler (ick), Blake Bortles (sigh) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (good grief).

The “X” on the field in the graphic below marks where each pass was caught, not where the play ended. The placement on the grid to the left also applies to where the catch was made. First, here’s a look at his completions in Week 17:

cam-stats-week-17And here are Cam’s completions and yardage for the year.


Photo: David T. Foster/Charlotte Observer