Tracking Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly’s tackles: Week 12 against Dallas

Carolina Panthers' Luke Kuechly (59) heads upfield to score a touchdown after intercepting a Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo (9) pass in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium on Thursday, November 26, 2015. The Panthers won 33-14 and improved to 11-0.

Luke Kuechly and the Carolina Panthers continued their winning streak on Thanksgiving by dismantling the Cowboys 33-14 in Dallas. Kuechly recorded two solo tackles and five assists (seven total) and also two interceptions, one of them for a touchdown, to bring his total to three interceptions for the year.

Here’s where they happened in relation to the line of scrimmage:

Luke Kuechly's Tackles Week 12

Combine those with the rest of his tackles from this season and you get this impressively cluttered — and colorful — graphic:

Luke Tackles Total

Photo: David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer


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