Town & Country names Cam Newton #44 bachelor of 2015. Would you date him?


The Story

Town & Country Magazine just released their Top 50 Bachelors of 2015 and Cam Newton came in at #44. How do I know? Because I went through the entire slideshow and checked out the dudes. They described Cam as follows: “The deeply dimpled 25-year-old Carolina Panthers quarterback celebrates touchdowns by ripping apart an imaginary shirt, Clark Kent–style.”

Would you date him? 21% of C5 readers said yes. Response highlights:

“Nah. Don’t like his face that much. Plus he’s too famous. And he has injuries all the time. I don’t feel like being responsible for an injured human.” – anonymous

“No. Why would I? Can’t think of a single reason.” – Laura

“Umm, yes – he’s Cam Newton! I’d be a perfect Lois Lane to his Clark Kent. Not to mention, I’m sure it would be pretty easy to get some sweet season tickets. – anonymous

“Yes. One time I saw Cam outside the Park Lanes bowling alley on Montford teaching “his boys” how to pick up chicks. He must have good game!” – Lindsey

“No. The ups and downs of each week’s performance may be too much to deal with as a girlfriend… One can only uplift an ego for so long without improvement.” – Lauren

“No. We would have nothing to talk about! The guy’s got his head in the clouds.” – anonymous

Would you let Cam Newton date your sister? 63% of C5 readers said yes. Response highlights:

“Yes. I’d definitely set my sister up with him. She is officially, 100% obsessed with him! Not only would I get major points with my sister, but I’m thinking I’d have access to season tickets as part of the deal. It’s a win/win.” – anonymous

“No. He’s an athlete”. – anonymous

“Yes. Free tickets.” – anonymous

 C5’s Take

Yes we would date him. Especially because he’ll smell good with his new Drakkar Essence endorsement and we’d have unlimited brogurt with his new Oikos endorsement. Want to participate in our next survey? Sign up for our handcrafted, human daily newsletter.

Photo: Diedra Laird / Charlotte Observer


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