10 fun facts about the head brewer at Town Brewing Co., opening this summer

Courtesy of Town Brewing Co.

We already spread the word that the new brewery Town Brewing Co. is opening in FreeMoreWest this summer off of West Morehead Street, right behind Rhino Market. The names behind the venture at 800 Grandin Road are co-founders Allen West, Mark Kutny, George Sistrunk and Richard Morton, longtime friends and attorneys who used to brew beer in their garages.

Their concept will feature sours, lagers, stouts and other craft beers, as well as a full-service kitchen serving small-plate dishes. The 10,600-square-foot space will include a 15-barrel brewhouse, taproom, kitchen, grain room and lab.

But who is brewing the beer you’ll sip on?

Here are 10 fun facts about new Town head brewer Brian Quinn:

(1) He is from the Charlotte area.

Quinn, 31, who spent most of his childhood in Huntersville, is returning home after helping with the launch of Georgia-based brewery Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Co. (PAMCo). He also previously brewed beer at Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem.

(2) He graduated from the Siebel Institute Master Brewer program.

That program emphasizes brewing theory and business training, as well as application of techniques in Europe.

(3) He originally worked in investment banking.

The brewer finished graduate school and competed in homebrewer competitions for a few years, before leaving his job in investment banking in 2011.

(4) He’s a self-described, hard-core foodie.

“If I am not seeking out an exciting new restaurant to try, I am experimenting in the kitchen at home,” he said.

(5) He’s a forager.

“I enjoy foraging for edible mushrooms and other unique ingredients, both for cooking and brewing beer,” Quinn said. (He also likes taking lesser-known historic beer styles and updating them for the modern palate.)

(6) He’s a Tar Heel.

Quinn studied for his undergrad degree at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and got his master’s degree from Virginia Tech.

(7) He’s a fan of other uses of the fermentation process.

Sure, Quinn loves fermentation for the sake of brewing beer. But he is also into making kombucha, traditional fermented sausages, pickles and hot sauces at home. (So crafty.)

By Maya Kellman Photography (http://www.mayakellmanphotography.com/).

(8) He’s a dog lover.

Sorry, cat people. Quinn rescued a feisty beagle who was surrendered when she turned out to be not so great at hunting.

“Fortunately, she has no interest in trying to steal sips of my beer when I’m not looking, but I have to watch my eggnog around the holidays with this crazy hound,” Quinn said.

(9) Scuppernong grapes are the most unique ingredient he’s used yet.

During his homebrewing days, Quinn harvested yeast off of scuppernong grapes, brewed a sour saison with the yeast and added the grapes to the beer as well.

(10) He prefers American craft beer over any other.

“While I love classic German and Belgian beer styles, I strongly believe that no one brews better beer than craft brewers in America,” he said.

Plus, he added, “People gravitate towards enjoying a beer that was brewed down the street. Not only are you supporting your community, the freshness and quality tends to be so much better than a beer that had to travel across the country.”

Featured photo: Courtesy of Town Brewing Co., taken at Printer’s Ale


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