Why you can’t miss ‘Towers of Tomorrow’ at Discovery Place Science

Towers of Tomorrow exhibition

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Explore the world’s most iconic towers built out of LEGO® bricks in the Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks exhibition at Discovery Place Science, running until Sept. 2. The exhibition is fashioned with over half a million LEGO bricks and has components that people of all ages can appreciate.

Journey through colorful cities across Asia, North America and Australia as 20 iconic towers come to life through LEGO bricks. Not only is there an intriguing architectural element to the exhibition, but guests are also able to use more than 200,000 LEGO bricks to create their own masterpieces inside Towers of Tomorrow.

The Architecture

Ryan McNaught

Towers of Tomorrow showcases jaw-dropping and architecturally-captivating buildings, stirring curiosity in guests of all ages about construction and architecture. There are only 14 LEGO professionals across the globe and Towers of Tomorrow creator Ryan McNaught is one of them. As “The Brickman,” he has crafted incredibly detailed LEGO exhibitions worldwide.

The Towers

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO bricks features gravity-defying architectural marvels from cities across three continents.

With 104,800 LEGO bricks, the Shanghai Tower required the most LEGO bricks in the exhibition. The LEGO bricks used for all 20 towers weigh in at around a whopping 1.5 tons.

Featured towers include: Burj Khalifa • Bank of America Plaza • Barangaroo Hotel • Central Park Tower • Chrysler Building • CN Tower • Empire State Building • Eureka • Infinity Tower • International Commerce Tower • Marina Bay Sands • Petronas Towers • Q1 • Shanghai Tower • Taipei 101 • Tokyo Skytree • Willis (Sears) Tower • Wilshire Grand Centre

Build your own

Visitors can’t help but come away from the exhibition with a deep appreciation for the unbelievable engineering and architectural knowledge required to create these spectacles. Why not become an architect for the day? There are over 200,000 LEGO bricks guests can use to put that inspiration to good use and create the towers of their imaginations.

Past guests have created everything from a tree, to the Joker to Mario. Feed your imaginative side while witnessing other guests’ creativity at work and create the next “tower of tomorrow.”

The Details

Where: 301 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202

When: Available until Sept. 2, 2019

Tickets: Order here and prices are below.

Towers of Tomorrow Admission + IMAXMembersGeneral Admission
Adults (ages 14-59)$7$26
Children (ages 2-13)$7$22
Seniors (ages 60+)/Military$7$24
Welcome Participantsn/a$8
Towers of Tomorrow AdmissionMembersGeneral Admission
Adults (ages 14-59)$3$22
Children (ages 2-13)$3$18
Seniors (ages 60+)/Military$3$20
Welcome Participantsn/a$3


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