CharlotteFive’s top 10 stories of 2018

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In 2018, we discussed everything from the best dog-friendly places in Charlotte to whether arming teachers with guns is the right approach to preventing school shootings. You were along for the ride with your commentary* along the way. Here are the top 10 stories of the year:

(1) I’ve been shot in combat. And as a veteran, I’m telling you: allowing teachers to be armed is an asinine idea

Rich Pedroncelli /Associated Press

After the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year old gunman was charged with killing 17 people, veteran Matt Martin wrote a piece stating that putting a firearm in the hands of even the most trained teacher isn’t the answer. The article was viewed more than 2 million times, and Martin made a guest appearance on the CharlotteFive Podcast to discuss the topic further.

From the comments*: “I’m a teacher. When I hear THE MAIN solution to mass shooting is to arm teachers, that tells me you are expecting, and accepting, that mass shootings will continue to happen. That is NOT an acceptable solution!” — Michele

(2) What it actually means to hang a white towel on your broken-down car

Mark Hames/Charlotte Observer
Traffic on I-77 North of Charlotte looking north from the Highway 21 bridge where it crosses the interstate.

We’ve all seen the white flag hanging out of a window in a broken-down car along the side of the road. What exactly does it mean?

From the comments: “My sister’s car broke down while she was on the way to work yesterday. Lucky there were no casualties but she’s upset that she had to have her car towed and miss a client meeting. Another thing you can do is to raise your hood which means your car has broken down. Thanks for the great read!” — Theodore Winston

(3) 31 signs you’re a native Charlottean

CharlotteFive archives

You don’t call it Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar — it’s Big Daddy’s to you. Ice skating was a must at Eastland Mall. People have called you a unicorn. You call the Arboretum “the Arbo.”

From the comments: “Sounds like the person that wrote this article should have named it “Reasons you are an affluent native SOUTH Charlottean.” There’s a lot more to Charlotte than the South Park area and Cotswold.” — Laurent Jones

(4) 15 of the best pizza spots to satisfy your pie needs, from personal-sized to Neapolitan-style

via Your Pie’s Instagram

Pizza is a big topic in this city, with each restaurant offering something just a little bit different. What’s your favorite spot?

From the comments: “Some great places on that list. Also some great places mentioned in the comments. I’d add Due Amici.” — Dave

(5) 15 dog-friendly places you can bring your pup in Charlotte

Photo courtesy of Work For Your Beer

Your dog wants to spend your money at Johnny Fly Co., Park Road Books and multiple restaurant and brewery patios.

From the comments: “I love (and have!) dogs but lets keep them out of places where people eat. I don’t want to be sitting somewhere trying to have lunch with a dog under my table, trying to get food off of me, or doing #1/#2 nearby.” — Mike

(6) 9 places that have closed in the past year, and what we’ll miss about them

Photo by Theoden Janes

As Charlotte grows and adds new places every day for us to enjoy, it also means it’s time to say goodbye to some old stomping grounds.

From the comments: “Taste of Europe – a cute little spot on Monroe Rd. Not a lot of people knew it existed, which was probably its death knell.” — Tori

(7) 10 restaurant chains and brands people are dying to see in Charlotte

AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News, Michael Ainsworth
In-N-Out “Double-Double”

Would you rather see Lowcountry favorite Hometeam BBQ or a Tim Hortons here in the Queen City?

From the comments: “Godfather’s! Come back, Godfather’s!!!” — Fawn Leibowitz

(8) 22 unique wedding venues to say ‘I do’ within an hour of Charlotte

CharlotteFive archives
Duke Mansion

For all those planning Christmas or New Year’s Eve proposals, bookmark this for later — you’ve got some planning to do.

From the comments: “When I get married, I definitely want the location to be unique. All of these spots seem like great places, so thanks for sharing the ideas!” — Rachel

(9) 10 top fitness influencers in Charlotte share their lifestyle philosophies, favorite places for healthy eats and best moves

Via Instagram @queencitysweat

With New Year’s resolutions right around the corner, this is the perfect time to revisit advice from Charlotte’s fitness community about healthy lifestyle philosophies. Just reading this article and thinking healthy thoughts could help you lose a pound or two — maybe?

(10) 12 underrated patios where you can soak up some sun this season

Photo by C. Elkins Photography
Napa on Providence

Outdoor dining beats pretty much anything else during most of Charlotte’s mild weather days. Here are some spots that allow you to enjoy a little nature without leaving city limits.

From the comments: “How could you forget about Ruru’s!? – Best patio, stellar service, phenomenal food and drinks. The “pineapple express” margarita and the “long duck dong” taco are my two favorite menu items.” — Stella

*Comments are shown either in part or in full and have not been edited for spelling or grammar.


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