You like beer specially crafted, wine in small batches and food that made it to your table via a real farm. So why should your home be any different? We turned to developer Bryan Alenky with Carolinas Revitalization and asked him to tell us why we (and you) are just right for these innovative boutique-style homes that encourage interaction and a sense of community. Timbre 6 and the Pinecrest properties are just two of his properties that buyers can’t stop talking about. Speaking of innovation and a great sense of style, Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent Shonn Ross can help you learn more about these amazing homes that pack a big punch with all the little extras.

C5: What does “boutique urban development” mean and how does that concept apply to the Timbre 6 and Pinecrest properties?

BA: By “boutique,” I mean carefully crafted. At Pinecrest, we designed homes with full width front porches to promote neighborly interaction. At Timbre 6, we included a common terrace and fire pit to nurture a sense of community. I’m passionate about developing communities that are walkable, encourage interaction and offer niche pockets where people want to spend their time. 

C5: Why are buyers crazy about these types of developments?

BA: It’s all about the details – inside and out. We discover ways to add purpose or extra sizzle to rooms and spaces, giving our homeowners a better living experience. We include what you might expect in these types of homes like soft close cabinetry, upgraded quartz counter tops, stainless appliance packages, etc. And innovative upgrades you might not expect like pet niches under the stairs, custom arches and wine bars.

C5: What amenities make these developments special?

BA: Pinecrest and Timbre 6 have a built in wine coolers. The Timbre 6 master bathroom showers have three shower heads (two large rain heads and a third handheld) with bench seating. The master bathroom also has a free standing tubs and the secondary bathtubs are rounded for more space.

C5: How do you see your boutique developments fitting into a growing Charlotte?

BA: I love living and building homes and communities here. I think there’s a place for our boutique developments in walkable areas and there is a way to respect the area and the people who live there. In Pinecrest, we moved two homes back 10-feet each to preserve mature trees. At Timbre 6, we carefully placed the buildings so driveways curled around mature trees instead of clear cutting the lots.


Ready to move in? We are too. Contact Shonn Ross with Savvy + Co Real Estate. Shonn is a boutique home enthusiasts with experience working on great projects like these. His speciality is in-town neighborhoods like the one you’ve been dreaming of.