Tiff’s Treats line forms overnight for warm cookies and Brooklyn Decker, Andy Roddick

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Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick pose with a fan at the grand opening of Tiff's Treats at Waverly on Saturday, August 24.

It was a misty Saturday morning, but that didn’t stop the line, which began forming at midnight, from wrapping around the building. 

Austin-based cookie delivery company Tiff’s Treats was celebrating the opening of its first Charlotte store at 7314 Waverly Walk Ave., Suite E3, in the Providence Estates East area.

The grand opening promotion: a dozen warm cookies for $1 and the chance to meet celebrities Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick. 

It was worth a little rain.

Alex Cason Photography

A celebrity endorsement

Fans stood in line with paraphernalia for the brand ambassadors to sign — mostly, copies of Sports Illustrated and tennis rackets. “The cookies are amazing. I’ve only had chocolate chip but I’m excited to try snickerdoodle,” said customer Teyona Richmond, while standing in line. “And I love Frankie and Grace (sic) on Netflix.”

Decker and Roddick have a long personal history with the cookie company. 

“This is a brand we have been fans of for a long time,” Decker told CharlotteFive. “It’s from Austin, his hometown and where I’ve lived the last 10 years. We’re so excited to bring a little piece of Austin to my hometown in Charlotte.” Decker is a Matthews native who graduated from Butler High.

Alex Cason Photography
Tiff’s Treats, a warm cookie delivery service

The couple said after a night of barhopping in Austin, they would always hit up Tiff’s Treats for a late-night snack. Later, Decker had cookies while in the hospital delivery room. “It’s amazing how we’ve kind of gone through life with this brand,” Roddick said. “We were just thrilled that we’re a very, very, very small part of helping bring a great Austin brand to Charlotte.”

Roddick’s favorite cookie is snickerdoodle. Decker’s choice is chocolate chip, but she takes them home and sprinkles salt on top. “I like a salty sweet,” she said.

A date gone wrong

Tiff’s Treats all started after a bad date—or rather, no date. In 1999 while in college, co-founder Tiffany Chen ended up no-showing on plans with her now-husband and co-founder, Leon. She was ice skating with friends and decided it wasn’t worth picking up the pay phone to let him know she wasn’t coming.

Alex Cason Photography
Tiff’s Treats founders Tiffany and Leon Chen.

When she told her mom what she’d done, her mom insisted she bake him chocolate chip cookies as an apology. She did, and when she delivered them to Leon, they were still warm. “‘We’ve gotta start a business,’” Tiffany said Leon told her. “He said: ‘This is going to be exactly like pizza delivery but with warm cookies.’ I said he was crazy, but two weeks later, we had it open.”

So how went the second date? “A lot better — she showed up,” Leon said.

And the rest was history. 

At the end of November, a Tiff’s Treats will open at 550 Stonewall Street in uptown. Next year, a SouthPark store will open at 4425 Sharon Road.

Alex Cason Photography
The line wrapped around the building for the grand opening of Tiff’s Treats at Waverly on Saturday, August 24, 2019.


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