Three Gaston County residents tell us why they wouldn’t live anywhere else [Partner]


In case you haven’t noticed, Gaston County located just outside Charlotte, is exploding with growth and potential. Whether it is the short commute to the airport, affordable homes, beautiful downtowns, lakes, hiking trails or just about any quality of life feature – Gaston County really does have it all. C5 caught up with three Gaston County young professionals living in the area who shared why they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. October is GO month in Gaston County so there is no better time to pack up the family or grab your friends and explore this beautiful part of town.

Jesse Cole

Owner Gastonia Grizzlies & Savannah Bananas
Where do you live? I’m originally from Scituate, Massachusetts but have lived in Gaston County since 2007. I have a house in Belmont.
What is a “can’t miss” in Gaston County? I love downtown Belmont.  A can’t miss place is Sims Legion Park to watch a sold-out Grizzlies game with dancing players, the Grizzly Granny Dance Team and non-stop promotions. I’m most excited about the FUSE district and the new ballpark and entertainment facility downtown. It will be a game changer and draw people from all over the country.
How do you give back? I’ve been on numerous boards since I arrived in Gastonia. From Keep Gastonia Beautiful, United Way, Jaycees, Montcross Chamber and more. Now I’m finishing up my last term on the Gaston Chamber of Commerce.
Why Gaston County? Gaston County is a unique place because it is in an amazing location and it’s underpriced. It’s so close to Charlotte and the airport. All towns in Gaston County are special in their own way. I view Gaston County as a must buy stock. It’s about to be booming and people can get in now and buy houses and businesses at way below true market value.

Will Windley

How long have you lived in Gaston County? I lived in Gaston County from the time I was born until I started college at ASU in Boone. After graduation, I moved to Winston Salem then to Virginia for about three years with BB&T. I moved to Charlotte in 2012 for a new job with Merrill Lynch/Bank of America. Almost three years ago, I bought a house in Gastonia.
What got you to Gaston County? After renting in the South Park area near my office for two years, I decided to explore the possibility of buying a home. I quickly found the housing market was much more attractive in Gaston County. I decided to return here to settle into a neighborhood, get married and begin thinking about raising a family.
What’s great about Gaston County? For me, the decision was where I wanted to spend my time when I am not working. The social opportunities to belong to a great club with a top notch golf course, a strong faith system and engaged churches, the outdoor amenities including the lake and hiking trails, proximity to the airport, and the impressive restaurants are just a few of the reasons that it has been well worth the five to 10 extra minutes of driving time.
How do you volunteer? I am a part of Gaston Together’s Civic Engagement Leadership Group.  I am also coordinating plans for starting an App State alumni chapter in Gaston County. I am on the membership committee of Gaston Country Club and am working with the Greater Gaston Development Corporation to engage millennials in taking more of a leadership role in our county.
What makes Gaston County a great place to live? Gaston County has a very deep, proud heritage in textiles and several of those textile giants are still headquartered here.  In addition, we have seen a great diversification in business development in the last few years. We also have great natural attractions with which no other county in the region can compare. However, most of all, it’s the people.
What does the future of Gaston County look like? It is Gaston County’s time to emerge as a regional leader. Since I have moved back to Gaston County, I have invited a number of my business associates and friends from Charlotte to see what Gaston County is all about, and they are impressed.

Alexandra Love 

How long have you lived in Gaston County? I’m originally from Charlotte but moved to Gastonia in 2015. I live off Main Street in Gastonia at the Carriage Company Lofts.
Why move to Gaston County? I began selling real estate and working on Coldwell Banker MECA Realty’s newest property management acquisition in Gaston County. What I first noticed about Gaston was that things seemed to move a little slower. People still wanted to be treated like people. Client’s wanted to come into the office and sit down face-to-face. There was a great amount of value in a phone call.
What do you tell your real estate clients about Gaston County?  I love telling them about the growth taking place here and showing them my favorite spots. I love that each municipality is a little bit different than the next.  I always find myself stumbling into something new. I have two Golden Retrievers, Beau and Sadie, so I spend a lot of time exploring Gaston with them. I love that there are so many convenient walking trails. I love that many unique and beautiful local businesses exist in our community and hearing the stories of their owners.
What is one “can’t miss” place people should be sure to visit? If you have never seen a sunrise or sunset over Rankin Lake, you’re really missing out. The sky in Gaston County at these times are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The different colors and hues painted across the sky are breathtaking. It’s truly an experience.
How do you volunteer? When I first moved to Gaston County, I began noticing a disconnect in the innovation I was watching all around me and the awareness my friends and clients had of what was taking place here. With absolutely no experience and no knowledge of photography, I picked up a camera and began collecting photographs to one day share. This was the creation of my company, Love Gaston. My obsession is with the historic mills and the historic buildings. I want to be a catalyst that propels Gaston County into the beautiful light it deserves. For a full collection of my photographs, visit

If you are wondering where to start on your Gaston County adventure, visit Gaston Outside to find information about each unique community and get a full list of the deals and dis counts being offered at local businesses throughout GO Month. We love a deal and we love a great place to visit – luckily Gaston County has both!

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