68 things we love about Charlotte


How do we love Charlotte? Let us count the ways.

This Valentine’s Day, the CharlotteFive staff wanted to share a few of the things we love about Charlotte: big things, small things, and really random things. Then “a few” turned into 68.

But we want you to expand our list. What do you love about Charlotte? Share it in the comments.

Here are 68 things we love about Charlotte:

(1) That Charlotte natives trickle back to live here.

(2) The growing yoga scene.

(3) Bumping into people you know at the grocery store.

(4) Sitting in the grass and watching free concerts at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

(5) The way the skyline turns copper at dusk.

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(6) The wall of wine at Vin Master wine shop.

(7) Seeing “The Nutcracker” every Christmas at Belk Theater.

(8) The red phone booth outside Big Ben British Pub.

(9) The crispy falafel at Pinky’s Westside Grill.

(10) The old-Charlotte feel of Latta Arcade and Brevard Court.

(11) The greenways.

(12) The wall poetry on the Treloar House.

(13) Meck Dec Day.

(14) Picking out flowers at Campbell’s Greenhouses.

(15) Having the best colors/moniker in the NBA.

(16) The Charlotte Symphony and that Christopher Warren Green is the maestro. #hedidtheroyalweddingyo.

(17) Poetry slams at the McGlohon Theatre.

(18) Free fitness events (shoutout to Yelp).

(19) The lights on the Duke Energy Center.

(20) And when all the lights uptown are blue for the Panthers.

(21) The trees.

(22) The maple scones at Sunflour Bakery.

(23) That stores like Anthropologie, Free People and J.Crew Mercantile are in neighborhoods, not just in mega malls and outlet centers.

(24) When random people you see on the street make eye contact, smile and say “Hey.”

(25) The secret library at 8.2.0.

(26) That Smelly Cat takes the “Friends” theme all the way to its wifi password: Central Perk.

(27) That Charlotte is home to so many Tar Heels.

(28) The What It Is at Al Mike’s.

(29) The Keep Pounding chant at Bank of America Stadium.

(30) The “Hot Gold” wings at D.D. Peckers

(31) The meatballs at Fran’s Filling Station.

(32) The old-school feel of Beef N’ Bottle.

(33) Going to Dog Bar in NoDa when there are puppies up for adoption.

(34) The distinct vibe of each neighborhood.

(35) That people support locally-owned businesses.

(36) Lunch at United House of Prayer for All People.

(37) That Charlotte has more than just Southern food.

(38) The pretty neighborhoods, especially Dilworth and The Plaza between Central and Parkwood.

(39) The view from First Ward Park and Romare Bearden Park.

(40) Walking the Rail Trail to brewery hop in South End.

(41) Food trucks and food truck festivals.

(42) Price’s Chicken Coop fried chicken (and livers).

(43) People watching at Speed Street.

(44) Eating Amelie’s salted caramel brownies on an old sofa.

(45) Kayaking on Mountain Island Lake.

(46) The view of the skyline from Memorial Stadium.

(47) The Providence/Providence/Queens/Queens intersection.

And Hugh McManaway

(48) Birdsong Brewing’s Jalapeño Pale Ale and Higher Ground. (Oh, and the free peanuts!)

(49) Wooden Robot Overachiever.

(50) The pretzel dispenser at Triple C Brewing and how it’s delicious.

(51) The N.C. flag carved into the bar at Legion Brewing.

(52) Who are we kidding: All of the Charlotte breweries.

(53) Sitting at Salud Beer Shop with a beer and playing Nintendo with a random person.

(54) Zucchini fries at Leroy Fox.

(55) The big metallic ball at Midtown Park.

Photo Richard Brooke

(56) Late-night karaoke at Jeff’s Bucket Shop.

(57) The fact that The Green kinda doesn’t make sense location-wise but is a nice space and has that cool Charlotte sign.

(58) The fact that I worry for my life every time I pass that ferocious and strange Jerry Richardson statue outside Bank of America Stadium.

(59) The Levine Center for the Arts and all of the uptown museums.

(60) The colorful panels on the Seventh Street Station Parking deck that light up when you push them.

(61) 7th Street Public Market.

(62) The dragon at BB&T Field that makes me think of how much beer I should drink at minor league baseball games.

(63) The sushi lunch buffet at Ru Sans.

(64) Getting a boat of sushi New Zealand Cafe.

(65) Walking through Freedom Park no matter what kind of weather.

(66) Riding in 24 Hours of Booty.

(67) The Milk Bread Cinnamon Roll at Kindred.

(68) That people come here, thinking they’ll just stay a year or two, and then wake up eight years later and love the city.

Corey Inscoe, Katie Toussaint, Sallie Funderburk, Tyler Blackshaw, Caroline Portillo, Katie Coleman, Tracie Stafford and Richard Brooke contributed to this list. Bonus points if you can pick out who said what.

Feature photo: Sallie Funderburk


  1. Beet & goat cheese tower from Workman’s Friend.

    McAlpine Creek Park/James Boyce Park <3

    Everything about Common Market.

    The fact that everyone in Charlotte seems inspired by some kind of fitness and Charlotte has all kinds of gyms to accommodate everyone's fitness of choice.

    Providence Sundries. Daily beer/drink specials, delicious food and friendly service. The best.

    Going to Koishi because they have the BEST sushi in Charlotte, and it's in an old Pizza Hut. Also the crab rangoons and 22oz Kirin.

    Foxcroft Shopping Center – Foxcroft Wine, Caribou Coffee, Ben & Jerry's, Pizza Hut. It's the full package.

    I could go on…


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