We can see it now. You grab your significant other or group of friends, buy a ticket and go see a show. You walk in the door head straight to your seat, flip through the program a few times, watch the show, intermission, watch the end of the show, ovation, go home. If that’s the way you’ve been “doing” theatre – trust us – you’re missing out.

Theatre Charlotte has been around for 90 years and offers an experience you just can’t get anywhere else. Here you and your squad can go above and beyond just a show. Here’s how to do theatre the right way.

Hit up the bar

While soda and popcorn might break the bank at the movies, Theatre Charlotte has beautifully blended the bar and show concept. No need to rush. Arrive early, take a look aorund and and choose from premium beer selection including OMB or have a glass of wine or prosecco. Add popcorn to the mix and it will run you $7!

Soak up some Charlotte history

While Charlotte can be a little skimpy on its history, Theatre Charlotte really stands out. It has been at 501 Queens Road since 1941. Check out the theatre’s 90 year history on the Season Guide which lists every show the theatre has performed and includes a nifty photo collage. Be careful about digging too deep into the theatre’s past – it was built on a former cemetery. The bodies were all moved to another site before construction, but really, do you want to take any chances?

Meet the stars

The talented peeps at Theatre Charlotte love to hang out after the show. Join them afterwards in the lobby to talk about the show, ask questions or generally chat it up. After you’ve gotten to know your new found friends, snap a few selfies and post your celebrity sightings on Instagram.

Get in free

If your theatre addiction is taking a toll on your Amazon buying budget, sign up to be a “front-of-house” volunteer and see Theatre Charlotte shows for free. It’s waay easier than your first summer job and a lot cooler. All you have to do is sign up, arrive an hour before the show and either check tickets or pass out drinks at the bar. Easy peasy and a fun (and free) night for you.

Play six degrees of separation

Read your program! Everyone from the cast and production team at Theatre Charlotte are local so you’re likely to know someone. Check out the cast biographies, local donors and Board of Directors to see what your long lost friends have been up to (and if they look older than you).

Now that you know how to do theatre correctly, we encourage you to share this valuable information with others. Better yet, put it to work and see a show at Theatre Charlotte soon. They’ll be waiting for you.