The Waggle Company took on Techstars in Texas. Here’s how they’re changing the startup world locally and beyond.


Meggie Williams, the founder of The Waggle Company, has recently completed a program by Techstars, an accelerator, startup funding and mentorship network in Austin, TX. Her company along with SkillPop and Milkful, took on the Lone Star state for 13 weeks, learning from mentors, workshops and from each other along the way.

These questions and answers have been edited lightly for brevity and clarity.

What does it mean for the Charlotte startup community in general that The Waggle Company went to Techstar? 

“If this puts more attention on what Charlotte has to offer and what people are doing to give them the resources, the people, the funding, the opportunities to grow faster, I think it’s an absolute win for our community…There’s a vibrant startup community here…There is so much opportunity for knowledge share. And I think it helps us all feel not so alone sometimes when it can very easily feel like you’re kind of by yourself on an island, that is constantly trying to eat you.”

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to start a startup?

“Just talk to people. The worst they can say is no, and then who cares? People just want to help. Having conversations can open up so many opportunities. If you don’t have them or you don’t take the time to meet those people, you’ll never know.”

What’s next for The Waggle Company? Are you looking for more funding or to expand more?

“We closed up our first round of funding. We had the opportunity to bring in another investor that was through Techstar, which was exciting. We feel really aligned with our goals and what we are trying to build out. We’re going to start expanding to new markets and testing out new verticals… Ultimately at the end of the day, our focus is to maintain and enhance the service that we provide to our clients.”

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