The top 5 activities to make you forget Charlotte is an inferno


I don’t care if we’re having an unseasonably cool summer in Charlotte — it’s still freaking hot. No outfit will allow you to look cute and covered – and showing up to the office naked while holding a portable electric fan is not an option.

Thankfully, respites around Charlotte can give you a moment of relief. Here’s what I found.

(1) Skipping through the Fish Fountain in the Green:

If you work uptown, you’ve seen the urban park called the Green behind the Three Wells Fargo Center. You may eat a soggy sandwich you packed at 6 a.m. on a bench by the Fish Fountain. Kids dart between the sprays from these giant concrete fish sculptures. At this point, you feel like Richard Nixon on the beach, forced to stay in your suit.

When these kids finally beat it, walk through the fountain. If you are with a co-worker, roll up your pants and race through it. If it’s hot enough, you’ll dry off before you go back to the 32nd floor.

(2) Veterans Park Sprayground:

Get in your swimsuit and bring the family for this one. Babies and adults can equally have a blast here. One of my friends has an adorable toddler who’s been stomping around there in her wet shoes. She has the life, for sure, and you can too.

Because water is just so entertaining. #harperchief

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(3) Latta Park Sprayground

My best friend Fitz — who has been described previously as someone with the personality of a fruit salad — understands the need to stay fresh. But not at the cost of running into a swarm of feral children at this sprayground. We weren’t able to bribe them away with a 64-count box of crayons and a floppy dress-up hat when we went for our walk two weeks ago.

That’s where this week’s heatwave comes in: the high temps have hopefully scared these ankle biters away. Splash away and then get a soul-edifying lemon square from nearby Nova’s Bakery.

(4) Marion Diehl Recreation Center Pool:

If you are done being outside at all, go for a dip in an indoor pool. Mermaid performer Shannon Dawn Rauch and I like to put on our fins and paddle Ariel-style while power gossiping. The parking lot is usually easy to navigate and the price is right. Pure bliss.

The Open Swim rates are as follows: Resident Youth/$2, Nonresident Youth/$3, Resident Senior/$3, Non resident Senior/$4, Resident Adult/$4,Nonresident Adult/$5.

(5) Stonecrest Shopping Center Fountain:

I can’t tell you how many times I have walked by this suburban haunt’s series of fountains eating ice cream and contemplating existence. Feel the light spray on your face. Let all of your life mistakes waft over you. Make a wish in the fountain: that it was 75 degrees.


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