The Panthers’ secret sauce could be Process Blue

All white.

Did you know that the Panthers #OOTD is and always has been as precisely planned as that Saturday night ensemble hanging in your closet? For those gals that root for the team with the best uniforms, this is for you. But it’s especially for the gals (and guys) who meticulously curate and juggle multiple fantasy leagues, are nearly unreachable on most Sundays in the fall and bleed Process Blue — “Panthers’ Blue.”

Although the uniforms haven’t drastically changed since the Panthers’ first season in 1995, they have undergone subtle changes over time, especially when it comes to color combinations.

A photo from the inaugural season.
A photo from the inaugural season.

The different combos from this season:

All white.
All white.
Blue top.
Blue top.
Black top.
Black top.

I am totally in favor for working what our mama gave us and mixing up color combinations. For example: The #ColorRush uniforms the Panthers wore for the Thanksgiving Day game against the Dallas Cowboys (BOOO) — where our boys were decked out in that gorgeous shade of blue from their lovable heads down to their turf toes to bring us to 11 and OHHH — wasn’t too shabby.

Can’t help but think that Process Blue might be the secret sauce, huh?

Devin Funchess

In the beginning, Jerry Richardson never intended for the Panthers’ brand or their uniforms to change at all. Richardson is a traditionalist but also known to respond to Panthers fans who write him letters or comment on on all topics, including uniform change requests. One of the most frequently asked questions team officials receive regarding uniforms is when the Greatest Uniform in NFL History (literally) — the all-black gear — will return. I second that emotion, Smokey.

One notable change to the team’s uniforms came before the 2012 season when “Keep Pounding” was mandated to be sewn into the interior collar of every uniform as homage to the great Sam Mills. 

keep pounding pic

The cats have had three logos: one for the 1995 inaugural season, the second during the 1996-2011 seasons, and the current since 2012.

Newest on the left, older on the right.
Newest on the right, older on the left.

The Great Logo Refinement of 2012 “refined” both the beloved Panther logo and logo type to modernize both brand components and unify them with subtle tweaks such as removing the white outline around the panther and slanting the letters of the logo type to mimic the swift movements of a panther.

In case you’re curious, the remaining (real) jersey schedule for this season is:

Week 16/@Falcons: White

Week 17/Buccaneers: Black

Although many fans have called for uniform changes over the years — all the way up to Richardson himself — my philosophy is that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m with you, Mr. Richardson. Maybe it’s the superstitious part of me, but I would also be especially wary of any changes after what is shaping up to be a historical season.


Photos: AP; Charlotte Observer file



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