The lead singer from Third Eye Blind played a set at Red Ventures


Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, played an acoustic set during lunchtime Wednesday at the Red Ventures offices.

Why? Because these things just happen at Red Ventures in Fort Mill, the closest thing to Silicon Valley we have in the area. (If you haven’t seen the data-driven direct marketing company’s offices, check out this story from February.)

The lead singer of Third Eye Blind playing at Red Ventures. You know, NBD.

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Actually, it was inspired by the company’s relationship with iHeartRadio and the Soundstage series.

It’s all about “being able to enjoy a concert on a Wednesday,” said Chelsea Harrell, corporate communications coordinator at Red Ventures. “We want it to be fun.”

Jenkins and his band were in town for a Wednesday night show at the Uptown Amphitheatre with Dashboard Confessional. 

Those two bands = my high school experience. Their music brings back vivid (and awkward) memories.

Third Eye Blind is touring to support its latest album release, “Dopamine,” which comes out June 16.

Jenkins opened the three-song set with two songs from the new album as dozens of Red Ventures staffers surrounded the stage in the company’s “Living Room,” lining a nearby staircase and hanging over a balcony. 

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"We both grew up loving this band ... We've been freaking out all week." - Ashlea Wahl, left, with Gwen Ceyrolles.
“We both grew up loving this band … We’ve been freaking out all week.” – Ashlea Wahl, left, with Gwen Ceyrolles.

Then there was a lightning-round-style Q&A session with Jenkins.

– Instagram or Twitter? Twitter.

– Last thing you cooked? Eggs, scrambled.

– Electric or acoustic? Acoustic.

– How much cash do you have on you right now? $280. Just a guess.

Kanye or Jay-Z? Kanye.

– Cowbell or keytar? Cowbell.

– Guilty pleasure song? Firework,” Katy Perry.

The closing song — 1998 hit “Jumper” — received the biggest response from the crowd, and brought out all of the cell phone cameras.


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So what is it like to play in an office at lunchtime on a Wednesday?

“I felt very welcome and warm,” Jenkins said. “It was like toast and butter for breakfast. It was comforting and satisfying.”

Well said.

That time the C5 team took a photo with Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind.

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Katie Toussaint and Madysan Foltz helped out with this story. It was a true team effort.

Photos by CharlotteFive Staff.


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