Treat your love to a romantic jazz evening with a living legend for only $14


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We don’t have to tell you the big red-heart day is right around the corner (we mean RIGHT around the corner). And while you can have any thing delivered to your front door any time, you cannot skimp on the Valentines Day celebration this weekend. Remember how last year’s eCard went over? We do, too.

Luckily, Charlotte’s Jazz Initiative can provide a memorable evening with a living jazz legend at a great price. Here’s what else you will love about catching the show this weekend.

One living legend to another

This IS the weekend for love and there is a lot to feel amour for at The Jazz Room @ The Stage Door Theatre this weekend. Taking the stage and wowing the crowd will be Grammy-award winning New Orleans tenor saxophonist Derek Douget playing tribute to legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Douget is known as one of the top tenor players in New Orleans. He’s rubbed elbows with some of the best including the Ellis Marsalis Quartet.

He will be knocking out tunes by Wayne Shorter, an American jazz saxophonist and composer. His compositions have become jazz standards earning 10 Grammy Awards. One jazz legend playing tribute to another jazz legend. Only the best for your baby.

Set the perfect mood

If only you could only take your Valentine to a cozy, intimate jazz club with classic ambiance for a memorable date night – oh and some drinks would be nice. Guess what? You are in luck! The Jazz Room is all of those things and guaranteed to impress whomever you decide to share the show with.

The Jazz Room is the perfect spot for a first date, friends night out or much needed time without the kids. All this fun and a full bar so you can sip a drink and tap your toes at the same time.

Little money, big night out

A night out with your SO to watch some of the best jazz in the country is priceless but if we had to price it we’d say $14. That’s right: only $14 a ticket for general admission to a stellar show. You can use the rest of your money to buy one of those oversized cards and large teddy bears holding a heart, or maybe dinner or dessert to go with the show. No matter where you decide to use your extra funds, we see hearts and kisses in your future.

Don’t wait, get your tickets today for Derek Douget playing tribute to the legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Nothing says “I care about you” more than having Valentine weekend plans made BEFORE February 14. We are swooning already.

Want to know more about The Jazz Room? Click here for more information and tickets.


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