This high-tech SouthPark gym promises results with two 20-minute workouts a week

Courtesy of The Exercise Coach

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then you have likely adopted the notion that in order to build your strength, you must push your body to its limits. But, what if there’s an easier and less strenuous way?

Husband and wife duo Christopher and Jenafer Carelli recently opened up The Exercise Coach in the SouthPark area. This intimate new gym promises to produce results in 20 minutes only twice a week.

“We decided on SouthPark area because the clientele here is our target range,” Christopher Carelli told CharlotteFive. “There is a great over-45 community here, and that is what we are looking for.”

After moving to Charlotte from New York in 2018, the couple wanted to open their own business and decided to go the franchise route.

Courtesy of The Exercise Coach
Owners Christopher and Jenafer Carelli

“I wanted to find something that would give me purpose. I had to figure out, what would drive me? The broker brought up The Exercise Coach, and it just fit me as someone who didn’t like the traditional gyms,” Jenafer Carelli said.

How it works

The gym utilizes Exerbotics technology. This new equipment adapts to the individual’s strength without allowing them to overexert or risk injury.

When you come in for your first session, your one-on-one trainer will take you through each machine to set them to your body’s specifications. The computer will memorize your settings each time you come in. Enter your personal pin code — then start your workout without having to set up the equipment.

I know you’re asking: How can a person see results by only working out for 20 minutes twice a week?

Courtesy of The Exercise Coach

The machines are designed to fatigue your muscles with slow, non-stop movements. However, they are designed to stop from allowing you to go beyond your body’s limits. You typically perform 1 set of about 10 reps on each machine. One set should take you about a minute and forty-five seconds to complete. Everything is very slow, but there is no rest time between reps.

Based on your initial assessment, the screen will give you a target range of force to stay within. Your coach will be right by your side, giving you the extra boost you need while also ensuring that you are performing each exercise properly.

There are seven machines total in your circuit. As you come back for each session, you should naturally see an increase in your strength.

“It’s pretty amazing. It’s not like anything you’ve ever used before,” Christopher Carelli said.

‘Oh that’s easy.’ But, I was fooled.

I had the chance to try a workout with the Carellis. My first exercise was the leg press machine. Once in position, I had to do a strength test for the computer so that it could compute and lock in the amount of force that I was able to produce.

Once my numbers were locked in, I was able to begin my workout. The goal was to push against the weight of the machine and then resist its force as it came back to the start position. Christopher Carelli coached me through the entire process, making sure that I stayed within my target force range. I completed 10 reps of the exercise total.

By the last few reps I could feel my muscles starting to shake, a sign that they were starting to fatigue. The slow, concentrated movements actually left me feeling somewhat tired — what I’d expect from a workout.

Next up was the chest press. Just like the first machine, I had to set my force exertions before starting my reps.

I ended my test workout with one of the cardio machines. When Christopher Carelli told me that clients typically only do 4 sets of 20 seconds in the machine, my first thought was, “Oh that’s easy.” But, I was fooled.

The machine, which consists of two waist-height poles attached to the ground, reminds me of something you would see at a fair. You have to grab the poles and move them either in a circular motion or a scissor-like motion. The faster you work them, the more resistance they give.

I only did 3 sets of the 20 seconds, and I was very winded. I will say that it was actually a fun way to get my heart rate up,\ since I was focused on trying to move the poles as fast as I could.

The Exercise Coach

6320 Fairview Rd., Suite 290
Open Monday through Saturday by appointment only.
Instagram: @theexercisecoach


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