Art gallery, cafe and bar getting closer to opening in NoDa


When Chef Christa Csoka realized that art galleries in NoDa were disappearing and being replaced by bars and restaurants, she decided to fix it. The Artisan’s Palate, a gallery, cafe and community gathering space, is now making its home at 1218-A E. 36th Street.

“When I moved to Charlotte in 2003, almost every building on North Davidson Street was an art gallery, and I loved going to the gallery crawl and checking out local artists’ latest collections,” Csoka said.

“Most of those gallery spaces have now become bars and restaurants, which I am also a fan of, but I miss the galleries. And then I thought, why not have all these concepts existing in harmony in one space?”

Brian Twitty Photography

The space will feature locally-sourced coffee from Magnolia Coffee, baked goods made in-house, cheese from Orrman’s, as well as local craft beers and international wine selections.

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As for the food, Csoka called it “rustic but refined small plates made for sharing.”

There will be a dedicated gallery room where artists will be able to display an entire collection. “I’m going to work with them to create immersive, multi-sensory experiences in which the food and wine, sound and even smell of the room compliment the theme of their collections,” Csoka told CharlotteFive.

Courtesy of Brian Twitty Photography 

With over 25 years in the service industry, Csoka has long desired to have her own space. “I graduated from culinary school in 2003. Shortly after, I moved to Charlotte intending to open my own place.  I took a detour to help manage my father’s’ business, which lasted longer than I anticipated, but I always knew the Artisan’s Palate would happen. My dream was to open a place I’d want to hang out — and this is it.”

The coffee and bakery portion should be open around mid-May or the beginning of June. There will be a few arts events in June, with the grand opening set for later that month.

A yoga studio is planned for the building as well, according to The Charlotte Observer.


  1. This new gallery located at 1218-A E. 36th Street, Charlotte, N.C. is so interesting to me because my parents Charles and Fannie MOORE and siblings (twin Grace & brother Bill) once lived at 1109 E. 35th Street, Charlotte, N.C.

  2. Had one of their cinnamon rolls-as good as I have ever had and I have had some legendary ones (City Club and then Presbyterian Hospital’s)–old timers like me will fondly remember these.
    The Artisan’s Palate is way better.
    Go try it! Great folks to get to know.


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