The new apartment tower above the Mint Museum is going up crazy fast


The folks building the apartment tower atop the Mint Museum in uptown are not messing around. Have you looked up at it recently?

The tower (better known by some as “the construction that makes it harder for me to get Starbucks”) rises more than 20 stories above the museum at this point. The 43-story tower is expected to be topped out in April (that’s when the highest steel beam is installed) and the apartments could be finished by next fall.

It feels like just yesterday that they started construction. (It was May. Time flies.)

Ely Portillo has the details on the tower in this story. According to him, crews are pouring concrete for level 30, framing levels 18-25 and installing exterior glass on 20-24.

Other things you should know about the project:

– It’ll include 394 apartments.

– It’ll have a rooftop pool and lounge, a gym, a business center, a “pet spa” and bike storage room.

– It’ll have a 24-hour concierge. I’m sure the person who works the late shift will have some stories to tell.

– Trash chutes on each level will have an option for recycling. The building is also on track for a LEED Silver sustainability rating.

In other headlines …

– In his campaign kickoff video, Gov Pat talks about losing his job at Duke Energy once. But did he really lose it, and spend months and months searching for a new job? Not quite.

– Are you a college student who doesn’t care about sports? Too bad. If you’re at UNC Charlotte, you’re paying $773 per year in athletic fees, whether you follow the football team or not. Something to think about when you look at that student loan debt.

– At least 14 people were killed and more than a dozen more seriously wounded when as many as three gunmen opened fire at a Southern California social services center. Our thoughts are with everyone in San Bernardino. This kind of thing is happening way too often these days.

Meanwhile, WBTV is reporting that a new law could make it easier to buy handguns in North Carolina so … yeah …

– A fire early Wednesday morning caused $35,000 in damage to Charlotte Cafe in Park Road Shopping Center.

– On a per-pupil basis, no district got less state money for education than Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Not feelin’ the love, Raleigh.

– Stephen Curry came back to his hometown and dropped 40 points on the Hornets as his Golden State Warriors moved to 20-0. It was a Curry love fest. His dad, former Hornet Dell, was honored during the game.

Photo: Childress Klein


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