This post is brought to you in partnership with Charlotte Water and the I Heart Water NC initiative. All opinions are our own.

This month, we all gather with family and friends to remind ourselves of the things in life for which we are thankful. But one of the most important elements is often left out: water.

This week, I Heart Water NC reminds us of all the wonderful aspects of water, and why we should be thankful for our city’s water system. I Heart Water NC is a joint project between Charlotte Water, Healthy Weight Healthy Child and Mecklenburg County Public Health.

  1. Water is an essential element of life. We need it to produce all of our food, including the delicious turkeys, yams, potatoes, and other Thanksgiving fare. For instance, a single pound of maize (or corn) takes a global average of about 161 gallons to produce. This interactive guide shows you just how much water you need to make the food you love.
  2. Despite how much water we need to make our food, tap water provided by Charlotte Water is cheap. In fact, it costs less than a penny per gallon, so keep filling up that reusable water bottle and save money as well as the planet.
  3. Many of us are already worrying about how to resist the temptation of mounds of delicious Thanksgiving food. Water can help put those fears to rest! Drinking water helps maintain a healthy weight by keeping your body feeling full so you don’t overeat or splurge on the turkey slices this holiday season.
  4. Water is reliable. We’ve all been there: heading to a drink machine only to see those dreaded words… SOLD OUT. Through Charlotte Water, Charlotteans have access to around-the-clock refreshment. Just turn the knob and enjoy!
  5. Perhaps the most important consideration for many this holiday season is the fact that water helps fight fatigue. Don’t miss out on great Black Friday sales because you’re in a turkey daze. Instead, reach for the nearest tap and witness how quickly your body feels reinvigorated and awake.

Clean drinking water travels continuously through 4,200 miles of pipes throughout Charlotte, and this season is the perfect time to contemplate how important that water is to all aspects of our life.

Whether it’s staying healthy, growing food or keeping us energized, water is always available for our needs. That’s certainly something to be thankful for.

Want to learn more about the I Heart Water NC initiative? Click here for more information.