He Asked Her to be His Girlfriend and His Wife in the Same Sweet Way [Sydney & Dalton]

Carolina Bride Sydney & Dalton

Cassie Leigh Photography

Dalton and I met in high school, but our paths crossed again in 2014, thanks to a mutual love of The Avett Brothers—and Dalton convincing a friend of mine to give him my number. That year, he took me to see the Christmas lights in McAdenville. While waiting in line, I unwrapped a picture frame and note from Dalton, asking me to be his girlfriend.


Two years later, on Christmas Day, my family was gathered in the living room to open presents. Dalton had already told me that I was getting an Apple Watch for Christmas, so I’d planned to open my gift from him later that day. But after everyone else had finished, my sister said, “There’s one more!” and brought me my gift from Dalton.

First, I pulled out a framed picture of us from our Christmas vacation to New York City last year. Then, I pulled out two more pictures of us and a note with lyrics from a song we love: “We’ve been together for a while now and every day seems new. You know it when you know it, and I always knew with you.” I looked up, and Dalton was on one knee with the ring of my dreams. —As told by Sydney

Sydney and Dalton will be married on May 26, 2018.




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