Former Charlotte Yoga studio reopens with new ownership, new name—and a new vibe

Courtesy of Sweat Method

Former Orange Theory instructor Halle Hillman and current Orange Theory instructor Justin Gordon, an engaged couple, held a grand opening this week for their new fitness company, Sweat Method. The new owners purchased the space last month from Charlotte Yoga-Southend.

The new music-based fitness spot opened in July, but the owners said they wanted to take their time in getting things right before hosting its grand opening. So for many in the yoga community, this new business came as a surprise.

“We’re a new brand and new studio, but we have the same instructors and staff from Charlotte Yoga-Southend,” Hillman told CharlotteFive.

Charlotte Yoga allegations

In 2018, EEOC complaints filed by former Charlotte Yoga employees stated that owner Kyle Conti created a “sexually hostile environment” for female staff members and students alike, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Two of the women say they were fired after confronting Conti about his actions, and a third quit outright, the documents stated. After responding to allegations by posting a shirtless selfie on Instagram while wearing a towel, Conti stepped away from daily operations. At the time, he stated it would be temporary.

However, it was sold on July 1 to Courtney Shearer, who confirmed to CharlotteFive that Conti is no longer involved in the organization.

Under Shearer’s ownership, Charlotte Yoga’s original location at 1730 Woodlawn Road remains open and will celebrate a grand reopening on September 7.

50-minute classes

The Sweat Method owners’ goal is to bridge the gap between cool, fast-paced fitness classes and the slower pace that is traditionally associated with yoga. The owners said that by breaking the barrier between fast and slow, it will become an inviting space with a vibe that appeals to everyone.

Courtesy of Sweat Method

Each class is 50 minutes and offers something different for every fitness enthusiast.

“It seems that in South End, everyone is beating the clock and trying to get things done fast, so we decided to make every flow only 50 minutes,” Hillman said. Typically, yoga classes in Charlotte are 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Arrichion Hot Yoga, located across the parking lot from Sweat Method, also offers shorter sessions, with its 45-minute hot yoga, circuit and fusion classes.

Three types of classes

At Sweat Method, there are three class options to choose from, with a class starting almost every 30 minutes inside one of its two studios.

Sweat Flow is for beginners seeking a more hands-on approach to the fundamentals. The class also encourages experienced yogis who want a refresher on the basics. This particular flow is set at the hottest temp of all classes—so you’ll definitely sweat, as the name suggests.

Sweat Power Flow is similar to Sweat Flow, but at a faster pace. Those looking for a mix of weights, cardio and yoga will want to opt for the Sweat Fusion class.

Courtesy of Sweat Method

“We wanted to bring something new to this studio. We use mini bands, gliders and HIIT, while also giving a taste of yoga. You can get everything under one roof,” Hillman said.

After getting settled into this location, the owners are already setting their sights on a second location and eventually franchising.

In coming months, the studio will begin hosting community events, including happy hours and puppy yoga. (Think goat yoga, but sub in adorable pups.) You’ll also be able to order your favorite post-workout smoothie from the in-house smoothie bar.

Sweat Method classes are offered 7 days a week.

Sweat Method

1430 Winifred St.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct purchase details and to clarify the owners’ status with Orange Theory. It has also been updated to confirm that Conti is no longer involved with Charlotte Yoga.



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