12 of the most exciting items to eat and drink at Superica—Charlotte’s newest Tex-Mex restaurant opening Monday


The highly-anticipated Tex Mex restaurant, Superica (pronounced SOOP-uh-REE-kah), is expected to open May 21 at 11 a.m. at 101 W. Worthington Ave in the Design Center in South End.

Senior General Manager, Andrew Palermo, along with Senior Kitchen Manager, Chef Tina Aleandri, and Beverage Manager, Jen Chan, shared some of their most exciting dishes that you should look forward to when the restaurant opens. (And don’t worry, their chips and salsa are FREE.)

“Our goal is to not only respect the culture that we’re trying to represent, which is Tex Mex, but also represent and respect the food,” said Aleandri. “What we want to do is represent Texas in the best way.”

Chef Tina Aleandri

Aleandri adds, “We want you to smell Texas, we want you to feel Texas and we want you to taste Texas.”

Here are 12 of the most exciting items on the menu:


Matador $10
(El Jimador Blanco, pineapple, lime, cilantro, served up)

La Paloma, $12 
(El Jimador Blanco, fresh lime, Squirt soda, salt)

The Highwayman, $14
(A mezcal old-fashioned with honey/agave syrup and Mexican Mole bitters)


Puffy Queso Taco (aka their take on a San Antonio, TX staple), $4
(fresh corn puff taco stuffed with meat and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese)

Note: This can be added on to any entree or it can be ordered as an appetizer.

Chicken Tacos Al Carbon, $15
(wood-grilled chicken, smoked onions, salsa cremosa)

Taco de Carnitas, $15
(crispy pork belly, hot and sweet guava glaze, smoked onions, salsa cremosa)

Campechana De Mariscos, $16
(aka their version of a seafood cocktail: spicy Gulf shrimp, octopus, lump crab, fresh avocado, fiery roasted red tomato salsa, tostados)

Share-ability: An appetizer for at least two people to share.

Steak Fajita Nachos, $16
(grilled steak on bean and cheese nachos, jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream)

Steak Tacos Al Carbon, $16
(wood-grilled skirt steak, smoked onions, salsa cremosa)

Gulf Shrimp and Snapper Ceviche, $16
(‘agua chile’, tostada, smoked jalapeno salsa, escabeche)

Camarones Brochetas, $27
(chili spiced gulf shrimp stuffed with jack cheese and jalapeño, wrapped in bacon toasted on their wood-fired grill)

“What’s special about this dish is it’s a wow factor,” said Aleandri.

Note: Flour tortillas are made in house and come with their fajita and taco dishes.

Short Rib, $34
(slow braised and chargrilled, chipotle molasses BBQ sauce)

Share-ability: A house special that could be shared among up to three people.

Fun fact: They cook this short rib for around 14 hours, braised in its own jus.

Note: Every fajita, skillet or family-style meal comes with fajita fixings including yellow blend cheese, homemade guacamole (made 4 to 5 times a day), sour cream and diced tomatoes.

If you head to Superica next week, you’ll be able to dine inside their 7,000-sq.-ft. space. This fall, the restaurant will also have a courtyard bar space to enjoy.


11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

5 p.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday
5 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday
3 p.m.-11 p.m. Saturday
3-10 p.m. Sunday

11 a.m.-close daily

Photos: CharlotteFive


  1. If they don’t ask you “flour or corn?” And bring you your choice, with butter, at the beginning of the meal… It’s not Texas.

  2. Interesting – may be worth a visit but not real Tex Mex (at least in my opinion). I lived in TX 13 years (2 Houston area and 11 around Dallas). Houston Tex Mex is Ninfa’s or Pappasitos and other long established location. This restaurant shows a Houston location but if you click on it the location is “opening soon”. Looks like a small Atlanta based chain. Personally I highly recommend Chuy’s since it tastes just like the original back in Austin. At least I know it is REAL Tex Mex. Not to say I won’t give this place a try but not sure I understand the article that basically is an ad for them – Probably pay the Observer to run it!

  3. FWIW – Asked an Atlanta friend who by virtue of her Texas roots and aTm alumna status is a Tex Mex expert. She’s never heard of the place.

  4. I’m one of the guys that really doesn’t care if it is authentic “Tex-Mex”. I like good Mexican food. But, when I go to an authentic Mexican place, I prefer to see Mexicans cooking. It’s like going into an Indian restaurant and seeing Koreans cooking. Nevertheless, I like good Mexican food and if is isn’t exactly “Tex-Mex” which isn’t all identically the same, I will be happy if it is really good anyway. I just want authentic Mexican with a touch of Texas enhancement.

  5. Went by there around 10:00 pm 6/8/18 was not aloud to be seated I was told they where cutting power out the building around 12 midnight so they wasn’t accepting anymore guests! Sound fishy to me.


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