Summer bucket list: Here’s what you MUST do in Charlotte before fall

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No one wants to admit it, but summer is almost over. Or maybe you’re the type that can’t wait for the sticky heat to end. In either case, CharlotteFive Podcast hosts Sallie Funderburk and Alicia Thomas break down the things you simply MUST do in Charlotte before summer is over.

Windy Hill Orchard

Alicia: “So for me, there’s this in-between time before it’s actually fall and there’s pumpkins and hayrides, that you should be focused on apples, because it’s prime apple picking season.”

Sallie: “It’s healthy too. A healthy snack.”

Alicia: “Uh not the way I’m about to talk about it…but yes you could pick actual apples at Windy Hill Orchard, which is my favorite. That one’s in York, SC. It’s about an hour drive, but it’s totally worth it…They’ve also got hard cider tastings…and then they have apple cider doughnuts, which are the absolute best thing.”

Sallie: “Very Instagram-worthy too.”

Alicia: “Oh 100 percent. You need a flight of cider. You need a plate of doughnuts. And then you need to go to town as soon as you Instagram it…There are also hayrides on Fridays there, which is pretty cool if you want to go for that kind of thing, but I’m down for the afternoon, have some cider, get some doughnuts, pick some apples, and then head on back.”

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Dilworth Home Tour

Due to Hurricane Florence, this event has been rescheduled to September 21 and 22

Sallie: “One of my activities that I’ve never done but have always been interested in, is the Dilworth Home Tour. It is the oldest home tour in Charlotte, and it’s back for its 46th year.”

Alicia: “Dude that’s a long tradition. So wait what, do you just tour homes?”

Sallie: “So this year, they’re having seven homes and gardens in Dilworth that you’re able to go in and view (via a ticket purchase), wish that you were this rich, and then talk about it for the rest of the weekend.”

Alicia: “So this is like real life HGTV.”

Sallie: “Pretty much. We’ll probably never be able to afford these homes, but it’s something cool to do. You can walk in and say ‘Ugh, I love that bathroom.’ I feel like as am I’m getting older, I’m really appreciating interior design. So I feel like Dilworth of all places, very nice neighborhood, would be a really cool place to tour homes. You can also pick up a free bike for the tour at Sodoma Law, plugging the law firm in, on East Blvd…”

Alicia: “What about a scooter?”

Sallie: “You can walk, you can scooter, you can find a horse and ride it. I don’t know…and then the best part is that you can enjoy half- price glasses of wine at Bonterra with your ticket…That is what you call a boujee weekend.”

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