Move aside, yoga: A stretching boutique is headed to Strawberry Hill and Dilworth this year.


StretchLab, a boutique health and wellness franchise that offers one-on-one assisted stretching services, is opening in early March at the Strawberry Hill Shopping Center. The stretching boutique will also open a second studio this summer in Dilworth.

Photography by Fishman

Local couple Steve and Stacey Hitzemann looked into the company after Steve injured his back and his chiropractor suggested to stretch more. The active duo felt like the assisted stretching studio would be a perfect match for Charlotte.

“Assisted stretching is a form of wellness and self-care and is one of the fastest growing modalities within the fitness and wellness industry,” said Stacey. “As a city on the rise, we are excited to bring StretchLab to Charlotte.

The company was originally founded in 2015 in Venice, California.

“StretchLab will benefit everyONE and everyBODY in Charlotte — from the young athlete, to the weekend warriors, those that sit a desk for most of their day and the older population that simply wants to keep playing golf/tennis or just spend quality time with their grandkids,” Stacey Hitzemann said.

And don’t think this is your normal 2-minute stretch after workout. Benefits of these stretching classes include increase range of motion and flexibility, better posture, reduced muscle aches and improved relaxation.

Photography by Fishman

Here’s what you can expect when you visit for the first time:

  • Clients choose between a 25-minute or 50-minute session with a trained Flexologist—an expert in assisted stretching, and a certified professional in physical therapy, yoga, Pilates or massage therapy. Stretches are performed on StretchLab’s customized benches.
  • A 25-minute stretch concentrates on major muscle groups including the core, back, shoulders and hips. The stretch can help release muscle tightness from your daily grind at work or an intense workout class you took.
  • A 50-minute stretch focuses on the same muscle groups but also includes extremities like the lower leg, foot and ankle, hands and arms and wrists. The stretch aims to leave you more relaxed and lengthened.

Clients then choose a specific instructor and date to get your stretch on.

Group stretches will also be offered, with a maximum of 6 participants per class. Yoga straps and foam rollers will be utilized during the stretch.

We’d like to go ahead and sign up in advance, please.


  1. “stretching boutique”, geez.

    Now, I’m off to the mailing boutique.

    Yet another post from C5 that reads like a paid ad, copy, or public relations.


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