Lots of things in life could use a little fluffing – your hair, resume, online dating picture and your home when you are ready to sell. Cristina Grossu is a Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent and co-owner of Anchor Staging Co. She was also named a Rising Star by The Charlotte Observer and we couldn’t agree more.

Her years of working with sellers inspired her staging business. “As an agent, I saw first hand that some staging companies were charging an arm and a leg for their services,” says Cristina. “With homes selling so quickly, sellers thought it may be not worth the amount of money – it is!” We asked Cristina to share her top six tricks of the trade. Just think, these small things could mean mo’ money at the closing table. We can dig it.

Remove personal objects

We understand the pictures of your first Warrior Dash and your trip to the Grand Canyon are precious, but they need to be packed and put away when buyers come to call. They want to imagine their favorite picture with Sir Purr on the mantle. Also be sure toys, beauty products, make up and other personal items are put away.

Lived in and clean

It is important for buyers to know their potential new home isn’t a museum. In fact, Cristina is all for leaving out coffee cups, opened books and newspapers. It is more important for buyers to walk through a spotless home. There are plenty of professionals out there if you have neither the time or talent for a deep clean of the homestead.

Stage a few rooms

Cristina says the most popular rooms for staging services are usually the main living room, formal living room or office and the master bedroom. Think of staging as a serving suggestion. It gives the buyer an idea of how the flow of a room could go. This is also where you can tailor your budget to fit your needs. Pick the rooms you feel would have the most impact with staging.

Go professional

Cristina advices having a professional photographer take pictures of your home to post on sites. You can find a seasoned professional or work with an agent who offers the service. These experts show your home in the best light – literally. Remember the buyer has to make it to your front door (and come inside) to decide this is the home they have to buy.

The rule of three

Three Musketeers? Three Amigos? Are you sensing a theme? When it comes to staging, the power of three is the rule of thumb. From books to candles to pillows, stack, assort and decorate in threes.

Fluff it up

“I love fluffy pillows for staging,” says Cristina. “It makes everything look homey and comfy.” She also advises putting clean, crisp, bedding in every bedroom. It can update the look of the home and make the room feel fresh.

Using these six simple tips, buyers will have a chance to see your home in the best light and (hopefully) put forth their best offer. Want to talk more staging shop with Cristina or find out how to make your home shine? Contact her today.