10 of Charlotte’s best soups and stews to warm you up this fall

Pho Dac Biet at Lang Van // Photo by @melodiesfromthekitchen on Instagram

It finally feels like fall in Charlotte… roughly a month after the calendar told us it should. The time has finally come to satisfy those soup hankerings (especially for those of us who find guzzling down steaming soup in the scorching heat far from appealing).

Below are 10 delicious soups and stews in Charlotte to satisfy all of your cold weather cravings.

For those craving chicken noodle like Mom used to make

Chris’ Deli

3619 E. Independence Blvd.

Details: Located in a strip mall on Independence, this gem has served up wonderful sandwiches and soups for the 36 years it has been in business.

Must Try: Chicken Noodle ($4.25/12 oz., $4.75/16 oz.) – Chris’ Chicken Noodle soup has plenty of noodles, veggies, flecks of chicken, and has an ideal salt content for chicken noodle soup. Their chicken and rice soup is a must-try as well.

For those craving French Onion

Crepe Cellar

3116 N. Davidson St.


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Details: This NoDa gastro-pub offers bistro bites, sweet and savory crepes, coffee and cocktails in a chill, cozy atmosphere. Offering far more than just crepes, they have many menu items worth exploring, like the Pesto and Brie Fries ($8 for a small, $13 for a large) and the infamous French Onion Soup mentioned below.

Must Try: French Onion Soup ($8) – This cheesy bowl of goodness is hard to beat, with melted Gruyere and crostini as well as the perfect French Onion texture.

Author’s note: I often order French Onion Soup at La Belle Helene, Café Monte and 300 East, too — but the French Onion at Crepe Cellar is still my #1.

For those craving chili


2718 Monroe Rd.

Details: This under-the-radar spot is perfect for when you are craving comfort food. Anticipate great prices and generous portions.

Must Try: Texas Chili ($3.50/cup, $6.75/bowl, $7.75/with thick spaghetti, $8.95/with mac and cheese) – With coarse ground chuck and special spices simmered in beer sauce for over six hours, their Texas chili is the spiciest chili they serve. The flavor makes it clear they don’t cut any corners in the cooking process. All of their chili is served as a cup, bowl, chili mac with spaghetti, or chili mac with mac and cheese. This stew is served with a piece of corn bread and includes pintos, cheese and onions as toppings.

For those craving seafood

Eddie’s Place

617 S. Sharon Amity Rd.


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Details: A staple in Charlotte since 1997, this casual eatery and bar serves up incredible New Orleans specialties along with all-day breakfast.

Must Try: She Crab Soup (cup $5.25, $ 6.95 bowl, pint $10.49, quart $19.99) – To me, their She Crab Soup is hands down the best in town. It is rich and creamy, and it’s served with a cruet of sherry so you are able to add as much as you wish. It’s described on their menu as “a must,” and they are not wrong about that.

For those craving beef

Lang Van

3019 Shamrock Dr.

Details: This beloved Vietnamese spot has the friendliest staff and is a hot spot for Vietnamese specialties. There are countless dishes to enjoy on their extensive menu, but if you are in the mood for beef, definitely try the pho.

Must Try: Pho Dac Biet ($5.95) – This combo of beef, tendon and meatball is a go-to when you are craving a beefy soup. Fresh beef bones and flank steak are simmered overnight with oriental herbs and spices, which results in a rich and aromatic beef broth, which is then served with a combination of fresh basil, bean sprouts, chili pepper and lemon.

For those craving Mexican

El Valle

305 W. John St., Matthews NC and 5124,9229 Lawyers Rd., Mint Hill, NC.


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Details: El Valle is located in the heart of downtown Matthews, but it is worth the drive. They have been serving Matthews for more than 20 years. This recommendation is based off of the Matthews location, but there is also a location in Mint Hill that you can check out if that’s more convenient for you.

Must Try: Shrimp Soup ($7.45/small, $9.49/large) – Filled with pico de gallo, rice, shrimp and avocado in a savory broth with a limey kick, their shrimp soup has been a crowd favorite for years. If you prefer chicken with your Mexican-inspired meals, their Chicken Soup ($5.50/small and $8/large) is a winner, too.

For those craving something vegan

Living Kitchen

2000 South Blvd.

Details: Living Kitchen offers a wide range of vegan fare made with local, quality, organic ingredients served in a modern location. Besides their soup, they have many other plant-based menu items including juices, smoothies, shots, elixirs, breakfast, desserts and other lunch and dinner options.

Must Try: They rotate several soups, including split-pea, lentil, vegan chili, sweet potato pear and roasted cauliflower soup with rosemary. You can’t go wrong with whichever soup they are serving! I have yet to order a cup of soup (or any other dish) at Living Kitchen that I was not satisfied with.

For those craving cheese


445 W. Trade St.


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Details: This Irish gastro-pub serves comfort food, beer and cocktails, giving Charlotte a taste of Irish culture. When the weather allows, they also have two patios for customers to enjoy.

Must Try: Cheddar and Ale Soup ($3.95/cup, $6.95/bowl) – With a creamy texture, and the perfect balance of cheddar and ale, I always find myself ordering a cup of the Cheddar and Ale Soup to pair with their Reuben ($12.95).

For those craving something spicy

Thai Taste

324 East Blvd., 2025 E Arbors Dr. and 131 Matthews Station St., Matthews, NC.

Details: Thai Taste has long been a go-to for numerous Thai dishes in a casual, cozy setting. They have been serving Thai food to the Charlotte community since 1988. This recommendation is based off of the Dilworth location, but there are also locations in the University area and in Matthews.

Must Try: Tom Yum ($6/vegetarian or chicken bowl, $7/shrimp or squid bowl, $12/vegetarian or chicken hot pot, $14 shrimp or squid hot pot) – This delicious soup is slightly sour and spicy with herbs, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and mushrooms. If you have not already, be sure to try their Tom Kha soup as well. It is a coconut cream soup with mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, galanga, cilantro and lemongrass.

For those craving tomato

Papi Queso

Food truck location varies and can be found on social media or their website.


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Details: This popular food truck serves up remarkable grilled cheeses with many flavor combinations like pulled pork, mac and cheese, bourbon onions and cheddar in their Pig Mac ($9.50) and pan roasted wild mushrooms, white truffle spread, fontina and Gruyère in their Mushroom & Gruyere ($8.50). Each of their sandwiches makes for a great pairing with the soup below.

Must Try: Tomato Soup ($4) – This tomato bisque has many elements that contribute to its smokiness and trace of sweetness, including California San Marzano-style tomatoes, fennel, coriander, ancho chile, pasilla chiles, smoked paprika, cream and tarragon. Make sure to order one of their grilled cheeses to enjoy with your soup. You wont regret it!

Author’s Note: I also recommend ordering tomato soup at The Workman’s Friend and The King’s Kitchen.



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